Monday, November 30, 2015

Tea Cup Tuesday


I hope that all of you that celebrate Thanksgiving have "recuperated" from all the great food you consumed.

Here is the lovely centerpiece my daughter sent which graced our table for Thanksgiving.

This week I am showing a full Tea Set that I have for sale out in my shop.  I like it a lot because of the size and colors.

It was made in japan.  It included 8 cup and saucer sets, a sugar and a creamer as well as the teapot.  The cups are a bit smaller than normal but so pretty and they seem daintier than the usual size tea cup and saucer. I imagine it could be a "demi-tasse" set actually but would be nice to use for tea as well.
The mark is barely readable but it does say Made in Japan.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

A quilted Pine Grove

 A Happy Thanksgiving wish to all my American friends.

Continuing on with the "showing off" of my recent quilt projects. This quilt is called Pine Grove.  It is sitting on a table in my living room that will hold a small Christmas tree that I put up AFTER Thanksgiving.  Prior to that and afterwards it will hold this bouquet and the table will hold some family pictures which I won't show now.

 This quilt project was from the Connecting Threads website and is called Pine Grove.
 Here is a link to the site if you want the pattern.  They don't have the actual kits anymore.

                                                                 Click here for

                                   Pattern for Pine Grove

 This quilt will now put me in mind of Maine.... the Pine Tree State..... where we lived for many years before moving south to Pennsylvania.     The scent of pine trees will always be a special memory.
 Because it was a kit and because there was fabric left over I decided to make the back using those leftovers.  Because they were left overs things may look a bit "wonky" but I will love the way they turned out.  And I didn't have to buy any more fabric.  I am doing this more and more with my quilts.  Using fabrics from my stash or from a kits that I already possess.  I just don't like going out and buying new fabric when I have plenty available here.

The fall leaves are just about all down.  After my husband removed a very large amount again this past weekend he said he is DONE!  The other leaves get to live here until the first mwoing in the spring I suppose.     It is now time to start getting ready for Thanksgiving AND to start thinking about Christmas decorating.   

      BUT NOT YET...............  I personally like to wait until AFTER Thankgiving.

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Thankful for the Tea Party Hostesses!

                 This is a repeat of a post I made about three years ago but it is contains important things I                                                                           I wanted to say!
As we get close to our Thanksgiving I want to say a huge thank you to the ladies who serve as hostesses for the various Tea Party events on line.  I know I wouldn't be here without them.
And for my followers who join me each week to see what I have found to show, Thanks to you all! Your kind comments make it even better!  And to the participants of the other tea parties.  What inspiration and fun are to be found!  Love it all!

I went out into my antique shop and started looking for things to display that would look like Thanksgiving.  No turkeys to be found but here are a few things that will look nice on the table I think.  The book I have shown " Autumn Accents" is one my own.  It is by Thimbleberries, designer of many great quilting fabrics.

The cute chicken casserole from Japan could be used to hold gravy, or a small serving of some vegetables.
For dessert, pie would look great on these dishes.  I am going to show the mark but have no real idea what it says.  If you know please let me know in the comments.  It is obviously some sort of gold.  And the set is made in the USA.

Also made in the USA is the large gold creamer.  I didn't get a close up picture of it but if you look closely in the overall picture you can see it.

And finally, we must have a cup and saucer so I selected this one from Royal Vale pottery.  It has a lovely yellow flower and nice fall colors.

I want to wish all my USA tea cup followers a Happy Thanksgiving.  And to those from other countries that don't celebrate the day please know I am thankful for all of you.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

A return to Tea Cup Tuesday

 Because I have gotten away from Tea Cup Tuesday visits due to the illness I had and life in general I thought I would get back to it by reviewing some of my early posts.  Many of you new folks wouldn't have seen them anyway.

I first discovered Tea Cup Tuesday in August of 2010...  a bit over 5 years ago.  And I kept with it pretty well since one thing I have is a LOT of teacups!!!!!

I have noticed that some of the old Teacup Tuesday posters have changed things a bit and I imagine I shall as well............... but........ for my first one back........  here it is.
Today I am going to go back to that very first blog entry....

I have collected tea cups for the 49 plus years of my marriage (50 in Jan.) due to the fact that my husband's family is Canadian and bone china is often what they give for wedding presents.... at least they did back in those days.

 I have pretty much been collecting ever since...............
Having an antique shop helps too because it gives me a chance to upgrade my tea cups fairly often. I don't have to feel guilty because I can always say I am buying them for my shop.  But.....  they may visit in my house for awhile.

Today I am going to show you one  of my favorites and probably one of the first I got. It is called silver birches by Royal Albert.  I love birch trees so it especially nice. We actually have a couple in our side yard in this house.  The first picture is the cup straight up, then on its side and finally one showing you the bottom.

I do love Royal Albert tea cups.  Probably my MOST favorite maker.  

I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.  I shall attempt to get back here every Tuesday from now on..............

Join me again next week.  I already know what tea cups I am going to show you!

And check in on Friday to see what I have been doing in the Quilt World!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

More quilt projects!!

The Quilts keep coming..............

 AND so do the fall leaves. My husband is cleaning them up a fast as he can. This is the second load he has raked to the road.  And will probably have one more in a week or so.   Yes, all that is showing is from our yard.... Our township comes around with a truck that sucks them up and takes them to a recycling area to make mulch every week or so.
And here is that truck doing its thing.

  They keep falling and falling.......  There are still a couple of trees full of leaves.  Hope they are finished by Thanksgiving.    We can't leave them on the ground as some might suggest.  We have so many trees the ground would be thickly covered and the grass would die. We live on the edge of a woods and there are plenty of leaves there for the wild critters we see here....  The deer, BEAR, raccoons, wild turkeys, and on and on.......

This past Saturday I completed the third class of a Machine Quilting class.  I hope during the next year to learn a lot more.  They just say it is practice, practice, practice.  I don't expect to ever to do full quilts.  Don't have the set up for that but certainly can do runners, table toppers and such which are what I seem to do more of these days anyway.

Up to now my machine quilting has consisted of "stitch in the ditch" and cross hatch.  I tried some stippling and it will take a lot of practice.  As time goes on I hope to show you some of things I accomplish.  But just don't hold your breath... LOL

Here are a couple more recently finished projects.

This week I am showing two season runners.  I finally got them quilt and bound even though started quite a while ago.  The first would for the fall season and the pattern was called Autumn Spice.  It is from the September 2001 issue of McCall's Quilting Quick Quilts.  I started it back then and put it away.  The original pattern has some flowers and vines around the edge.  Perhaps I will someday add them but I wanted this done so here is it.  It is bound with the dark green.

   For this one I  used the "stitch in the ditch" method of quilting.   If you want to know what that is and how to do it here is a tutorial............... I imagine You Tube has lots of videos too.

How to "Stitch in the Ditch"

This next runner was  made using a pattern I found on line.  I like the colors for Christmas time but you could use it other times as well.  It was also quilted using "stitch in the ditch."  I found this quilt pattern on Quilting Bug.             I know I found it quite awhile ago and this might not have been the site where it was located. According to the pattern this was done as a charity fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis.  But when I checked this time and clicked on the link I couldn't find any current info.  
For the final quilting on this one I also used Stitch in the Ditch.  It will be so nice to get beyond that one of these days soon.

So that is my sharing for this week.  I hope I may have inspired some of you to take your UFOs out and finish them.  It feels so good to have them done!!!

Come back next week for MORE.

I am posting this on a new link party at the home of one of my former Tea Cup Tuesday hostesses, Sandi.  Her blog Rose Chints Cottage is such a beautiful site. I am posting this on Fridays but will be adding it to  the link below on Mondays when she holds her party. 

Be sure to visit. her and see all the other great blog postings.   

And check back next week  to see more of my recent quilt finishes. 

I do appreciate your comments.  Thanks so much for caring to do so.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Quilts and more quilts

 This is my dining room table centerpiece for fall.  The runner was one I made several years ago. I found the inspiration for the runner in the fabric department at Marden's, a favorite store in Maine.  The gourds all came from Leesport a couple of weeks ago.

Fall is definitely full under way...although we are having a bit of Indian Summer this week.  It was so warm Wed. we even took a trip down to the Leesport Flea Market....  My husband has been out clearing leaves for the past several days.  We have close to 40 trees on our property and after the pretty colors comes the ground cover..............
  Speaking of leaves, I took the first two pictures when I got into my car a few days ago.  "Almost" frosted over windows.  I thought they were so arty I took a picture of each side of the windshield. I may try to use them in some art journaling soon.

The leaves are from our pretty little Japanese maple tree.... so pretty and then they are gone.

 I did say I would show more recent quilting projects this week so here they are........

I found this pattern for a Candy Corn mug rug and knew I HAD to make it.  The pattern is free from the website called Craftsy.  Here is a link.
There are some other patterns on that page too.  I was lucky to have most of the fabrics in my stash!

This next project is what has now become one of my all time favorite quilts.  I now use it to cover up when I watch tv on cool evenings.  It is from the book pictured here.

  Heather Mulder Peterson

It is still available as an e-book at Martingale Press. I was able to purchase it back when it was a real book. There are over 20 bed, lap, and wall quilts shown.   All fun to do I imagine. There are still a couple in the book I want to make.
I had done another strip quilt lately and it was so much fun I decided to try this one.  This definitely used up a LOT of scraps though I did have to buy the black.  I did each square on muslin instead of paper like some strip quilts suggest.  It made it so much easier because I did not have to rip the paper off after.  I just left it in place.

I still have lots more recently finished projects to share so be sure to come back next Friday and see what I have to show you.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Catching up and Quilting

                   Happy Fall, Happy Halloween,

 (I won these letters as part of an etsy contest.... from Char at )

I KNOW I haven't been here in quite a while.  Life sort of got in the way!!!!!

I had a health issue that resulted in surgery and then 4 weeks of eating practically NOTHING... lots of liquids and soft stuff.  I am fine now, thank the good lord, and finally feel like perhaps I should get back to my blog!

During that time I missed out on my yearly trek to Maine and New Brunswick which was very sad.   And didn't really go anywhere to far afield as driving for long periods was uncomfortable so..............  I did a LOT of quilting.

I found I could sit at my sewing machine for awhile and then get up and do something else when I got uncomfortable.  As a result..... I finished a number of projects that were just sitting around half finished....  I thought today I would begin to show you the results of that marathon effort.  I did some of the quilting myself but the big ones got sent out to my long-arm lady.

Today I am starting out showing a quilt that was  part of a Block of the Month project with a group of ladies on the Connecting Threads website.  It is called Lasting Legacy and featured reproduction Civil War fabrics and .made with beautiful, traditional blocks within a classic setting. I finished it mostly as the kit  said but several of the ladies just used the pattern and did their own thing.  All turned out terrific.
Here is that first finished quilt. (folded a bit because I couldn't get it all in this picture... as it sat on my dining room table.)
 For the back I simply used all the left over fabric I had from the project.  It is almost another quilt of its own.  I was in too big a hurry to make any sort of design.  Just added pieces as I picked them up to fit the space.  But I really like the way it turned out.

The next quilt I am showing is one completely different!  I found the pattern in the magazine called
 Mc Calls QUICK QUILTS magazine July 2001.  It is called Secret Garden.  I started it right away when I bought the magazine but obviously was a bit slow finishing since I finally got it done in August of 2015.  I made it out of a lot of pastel scraps I had in my stash and some I picked up at yard sales.  The rick rack was bought at a flea market in Lewisburg, Pa at the time I was considering doing the project.  It was already QUITE vintage at the time.  The pattern calls for over dye but I didn't do it.  Just left as is.  I noticed some of the fabric was from old blouses I used to wear.  It is a good way to use up some of your fabric stash.  I now use it as a lap quilt when watching tv.  I may make another using darker colors, just don't hold your breath!

So that is it for this week.  Next week I will show a couple of more.  I figure I can keep this up for several weeks.  I lost count of how many projects I actually finished but it was quite a few.

Check in next Friday and see what else I finished.................

I will eventually get back to "TEACUP TUESDAY" posts too.  But that may take awhile. I am sort of out of the habit and need to find more tea cups to feature.