Monday, March 23, 2015

Another mini tea party

 I am happy to report that once again the snow is almost gone.  It should be fairly warm this week to get rid of the rest of it and then maybe I can really think Spring!  I have noticed my bulbs are peeking up.  Normally, at this time of year they are already almost ready to bloom.  Oh well, we WILL enjoy them when they are here!

This is my third post in the past four weeks that talks about mini's.  I do love them. These are sets I have in my shop, or have had.  They do sell fairly often.  I probably have a few more but I think this is it for now.

This first set is the traditional Blue Willow pattern, my personal favorite.  We use Blue Willow (made by Churchill) here at my house everyday.   This set was probably made in China though it doesn't say.  And I am pretty sure it is fairly new, maybe 15 years or so.  

 This second little set also didn't say who made it but also probably made in China.  I turned the cup on its side so you could more easily see the pattern.  But I also wanted you to be able to see tops of cups and saucers.

This third little set is one of the Resin sets that are being sold in lots of places.  Here is the picture of the set as it is placed on its tray.  And I found this cute little girl out in the shop to oversea the tea party.  She is an older one from Japan.

 This second picture shows all the pieces set about with the tray in the back.  I thought it was neat that the tray is a Gazebo.  What a great place that would be for a tea party in real life.  The little girl looks quite pleased with it all.

I hope you will also visit the other tea parties that are going on around the web today and tomorrow.
  And come back and see me next week.  You never know what I will have to show you.

Here is the list of tea parties I will be joining.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

(I found the border of the above logo at Karla's Cottage blog and the Happy Saint Patrick's Day wording was from the Graphic's Fairy I think.  Fun to put them together.)

My husband is VERY Irish (his dad was from Northern Ireland and although his mom was Canadian she had lots of Irish ancestors.  So we Celebrate St. Patrick's Day here.  I am still deciding what dinner to serve for St. Patrick's Day dinner.  Probably something involving Cabbage.......
Pennsylvania is big on this day too.  There are parades everywhere and fun runs too.   In the city of Wilkes-Barre they even paint a green line down the center of the street where the parade goes.

I actually only have one cup and saucer set that is really suitable for St. Patrick's Day.  It is of course Royal Albert and called, appropriately enough, Shamrock.

Come back next week and I will show more of my miniature tea things....................

Meanwhile, be sure to check out all of the other tea parties going on around blogland.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Bring On Spring.... and more miniatures

I am so happy to be able to report this week that there is actually some melting going on outside.  The sun is shining, high in the ski, and with our  somewhat warmer temps, melting is slowly taking place.  Don't want it to be too fast since that would cause flooding which unfortunately is ALWAYS a danger in our area.

We have birds here all year long but it seems to me that as spring arrives more birds begin arriving and it is so nice to hear all the bird songs outside as if they are heralding the arrival of Spring.  And now that we are in daylight saving time and getting more light at the end of the day it is helpful and pleasing.

As I promised last week I am showing you a couple of my "mini" tea sets.   And in addition here is an Avon Figurine of little Teddy Bears having a tea party!

 I love all the detail they can get in these things made with Resin, although it will never be in the same class as the porcelain figurines made in England!

And here are two little Resin tea sets.

The first one is a Pansy tea set.  Since Pansies are no doubt my favorite flower I had to have this little set!

And here is my final set for this week.  It is a Woodland Setting.

Lots of fun even if they don't hold much tea.............

Next week I will be doing something special for St. Patrick's Day so be sure to come back for that and in two weeks to see a few more miniatures. 

Meanwhile, be sure to check out all of the other tea parties going on around blogland.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

A Miniature Look at Tea Things

It seems to me that Tea Cup Tuesdays keep coming faster and faster.  Time is really flying.  Here we are at the first Tuesday in March already.  Wasn't it just Christmas a couple of weeks ago.

We aren't sorry it is March... that means PERHAPS Spring will be here soon.  We just had the third coldest February in history here in my area.  I don't know about how much snow.  Normally snow comes and goes often over our winters.  This year it has been too cold to even melt a little bit.  So we are hopeful............ what else can we be.................

For the next few weeks I plan to to bring back some of my past posts but re-edit them a bit.   We have so many new visitors I wanted to share some of this.

I collect a lot of miniature teapots, tea cups and tea sets so for the next couple of weeks I will share what I have.  If you love teacups, saucers and teapots but don't have room for a huge amount here is a way to collect them that won't take up so much room.

I have found them in various places but the majority seem to have come from the big Sussex Flea Market in Sussex, New Brunswick.  I generally find at least one new one there every year.

To begin I will show a few of the little tea pots that were included in Red Rose Tea in Canada, at least for awhile.  I never got any in tea myself and they never seem to have given them in the US tea. These were ones that I came across in Canada, at the flea market I mentioned above.

I personally like them better than the little tea animals they give out now.  But of course they never asked me.  I am sure there were more.  These are just the ones I have found for my collection. These tea pots don't open up.  They are about 1 and 1/2 inches tall and about 2 and 1/2 inches wide. I plan to continue searching for more in the future.

The next two little tea pots feature cats which are favorites in this house since we have three cats!
The yellow pot on the right is about 3 inches tall.  We have two black and white kitties that are similar to these.   I am hopeful to find more of these. They were made in China so are new.  They came from a booth at the flea market that sell  things imported from China I think. I would prefer they were made in this part of the world but they sure are cute.

The next two tea pots are "souvenir" type.  The one on the left is from Puerto Rico.  I found it in Canada but bought it because we lived in Puerto Rico for three years back in the 70s so this seemed like a good souvenir from that time.
The teapot on the right is made to be used as a little condiment pot I suppose since it has a little spoon in it.  As you can see it says Ireland and that is appropriate since my father in law was from Ireland.

And finally I will end this weeks edition with an actual tea cup (not a real miniature but very small) for tea cup Tuesday.  This is a small set, and it is actually a souvenir from Colorado. Probably sold in a gift shop out there.  It is awfully cute with a little Pixie, trying to crawl up the side of the cup and becomes the handle.
 It is a very small set, with the saucer just three inches in diameter.

 And here is the mark from the bottom of the cup.  Made in Japan.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this part of my collection.

Be sure to stop in next week for more.  I have little tea sets I will show off.  And maybe another tea cup and saucer. 

Mean while be sure to check out the other tea parties this week......................


Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter is still hanging on

We had a "January Thaw" day in February yesterday.  During all the years  we lived in Maine we always looked forward to a couple days that were usually called the "January Thaw when the temps stayed above freezing for a couple of days.  Well this year we just had it here in PA in February.  It was up to 38 degrees yesterday and we had a bit of melting.  It was quite pleasant to go outside.  But that is over for another week.... temps will be dipping very low again.  So we might as well have some tea and not worry about it.

      Since we still don't have even a hint of spring and therefore no flowers outside I though I might show these floral tea cups. I showed them several years ago and thought they would be appropriate to show you again.
    They are  "sort of" similar in that they have numerous different flowers all around.  However one is a transfer ware pattern and the other is partially hand painted.

I am showing them on a tray with a pretty little doily underneath.  And including two porcelain flowers.

The cup and saucer on the left is from Crown Staffordshire and is partially handpainted.  I love this one because it has a pretty little pansy on it, one of my favorite flowers.

For information on Crown Staffordshire china you can check out this eBay guide by clicking here.

I am assuming the painted on letters and numbers indicate the artist who added the paint.

This next one is shown on the right on the tray.

   .  It is fromOld Royal China. The pattern name is Swansea.
  From information I can gather Old Royal China was part of a company called Sampson Smith ltd. 
Click on the name to learn more about it.
This company had several names and one was Old Royal China. and this
 particular china pattern has a mark from c.1930-1941.  

 So join me for a cup of tea today and then visit the other tea parties that are taking place today.
            Here are the tea parties I will be joining this week.  Hope you will visit them too.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

A Pretty Violet Tea

Oh the weather outside is frightful... well very very cold anyway though we didn't have the awful blizzard conditions some to the north of us and even to the west of had.....   So lets have a pretty little tea party inside!


Today's tea party features a Violet Tea Set I bought awhile back.  I was going to save the pictures I took and use later in the Spring but I sold the set over the weekend so might as well show you what it "was."  Also I am including a picture of the special cookies I made for my husband as a Valentine treat.   The little centerpiece above was something I received in a swap a couple of years ago. 

  This tea set was bought his past summer and I was tempted to keep it because I do love violets but decided I had plenty (if that is possible) of Violet things so decided to pass it on.  And this weekend I did just that to a customer that I know will love it!

  The set was made in Japan and here is the mark.

 This cup and saucer is one from my collection. Handpainted, it was made in Japan. But no mark on the bottom.  Must have had a sticker at one time.
                                   I think it has an interesting and different than normal shape.


And finally the cookies I made.  These are special.  Actually the cookie part is basic sugar cookie recipe and the frosting is home made cream cheese frosting.  But the topping is the difference.  When we go to Canada every summer we generally stop in at Ganong's Candy factory and store in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.  A few years ago we found some VERY special candies called Chicken Bones.  (Not to be confused with the "chicken bones" they sell in the US.)  They are Ganong Original Chicken Bones ™, made since 1885. A delicious semi-sweet chocolate center inside a hard spicy cinnamon flavored pink candy shell.   Well this past summer I decided to make some cookies and "spice" them up a bit by taking the candy, breaking it up a bit and adding it as a topping on the frosting.  It was a HUGE success.  My husband loves them so I decided they would be a perfect Valentine's gift for him this year so I made a batch just for him.

               And here is a picture of the Chicken Bones as taken from an ad on line....................

Here is the plate I am using to serve the cookies.  It is from my personal collection.  It was probably bought a number of years ago in Saint John, New Brunswick at Hayward and Warwick, a china and gift shop in the heart of the city.  Every time we go to Saint John I try to sneak in a visit there.  You never know what goodies you will find!!!  Over the years I have found MANY.

It is from Hammersley and below is the mark

                                                I hope you have enjoyed this week's post.

Here are the tea parties I will be joining this week.  Hope you will visit them too.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

A romantic tea for two

With Valentines Day just a few days away I was working on some Valentines displays in my shop and came up with these items for a nice romantic tea for two.   The book of poems is by Sir Walter Scott.  I found a mustache cup for the gent and a lovely rose cup and saucer for the lady.  A dainty little shoe holds a little white rose but could hold the tea bags as well and the compote is waiting for the sweets.

             This week's tea party has turned into a sort of  a tribute to our tea party hostesses.As usual, when I see a mustache cup I think of  Martha, at Martha's Favorites.  The  roses always put me in mind of Sandy at Rose Chitz Cottage.  The book of poetry from the Scottish Poet Scott reminds me that our hostess Ruth at Antiques and Tea Cups  likes to show us books and such from the British Isles and although you can't see it in this picture the tablecloth behind is hand embroidered which always reminds me of Bernideen at Bernideens Tea Time Blog.  All are listed at the bottom of this post.

The cup and saucer are hand painted Japanese.  The company is called Chase.  There are many examples on line but I never found this one.  It definitely reminds me of Royal Albert,s Old English Rose.

The above mark is on the bottom of the tea cup...........
The saucer has a different mark on the bottom but it is obvious they go together.  I tried to learn if this was typical marking but never did.

The mustache cup was made in Germany as mark says.  I had a hard time photographing the entire cup but it says "present."  And included a raised rose or a pink flower anyway.

There is no discernible mark on the bottom of the shoe but it looks like there might have been a sticker at one time. 

This lovely old book of Sir Walter Scott" poems really appeals to me.  What a pleasant  time it would be to enjoy some lovely tea and read some of his poetry.  I like the way they used to decorate covers of books!

   I hope you have enjoyed this week's post.

Here are the tea parties I will be joining this week.  Hope you will visit them too.

Remember, these may not be available every week so check to be sure.