Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some pretty tea things..............

As I continue on in my recuperation from hand surgery I am sharing more pictures of tea things I found on our travels to Maine and New Brunswick.  I got a new cast last week which was smaller and lighter so that was good.

I wanted to mention here also that a couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to  a huge car show in Hershey PA.  About 3000 or so vendors and vintage cars of every kind.  Because this is such a large car show there were folks there from all over the world....  one lady told me at the office stand that they had counted folks from over 20 countries. We spent three days there and did not see it all.

Since this is a tea post I won't go into much detail but I will show you  the variety... My favorite car was this one.....  A 1925 Renault.....  It was only $375,000!  
 And to the opposite end of the spectrum here is an old Chevrolet touring car found in a barn, ready to restore.  On the windshield is written "barn fresh."

But back to Tea Cup Tuesday and things I saw while we were traveling in Maine and New Brunswick.

I really liked this set and now have to admit I wish I had gotten it.  I don't know why I didn't.  I also don't know much about it.  But it seems pretty special to me.  It would have made a wonderful setting for a Spring tea I think.  I don't know the maker, perhaps someone reading this will know.

 This next cup is pretty self explanatory.  I have cups for our all of our birth months but since none are in January I didn't get it.  It is from Royal Albert's Flower of the Month series from the 1970s and features snowdrops. 
And finally this next set will always remind me of our cousin Helen whom we lost a few years ago.  She had this set and I always loved it when we used it when visiting her.  I do have a few pieces of it so didn't need to buy anymore.  It is called Old English Roses by Royal Albert.  It was made earlier than the present day favorite Old Country Roses of which I have way more than a full set!!!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

.Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I posted  this a couple of years ago but thought it would be good to repost now since it is Breast Cancer Awareness month once again.   And since I am still without the use of my right hand while it is still in the cast..............................  To  update this.....  I am getting along pretty well in spite of the cast.  Just slows me down bit.  We even went camping last week so I could attend a car show with my husband.  I will show a few pics of that next week.

For this week, since it is Breast Cancer Awareness month I thought I would show something with pink as a dominant color.  As a Breast Cancer Survivor for 12 years now I think this is a VERY important month!  However, don't forget all the other cancer's that folks suffer with have "causes" that may not be as well "supported."    Remember them and support them as well.... (Enough said... I will get off my little soapbox.)

While at a flea market  my husband found and later surprised me with this beautiful cup, saucer and plate set.  It is from a company I have not heard much about.... Royal Chelsea. 


Royal Chelsea was produced by New Chelsea China Co Ltd Longton. Staffordshire Potteries from about 1943 to 1961. 

    I think they make stunningly beautiful china so I will certainly be on the lookout for MORE!!!

 When I checked out the marks on these pieces I learned that the cup and saucer were probably made prior to 1951.... and this is the mark on them.

The plate's mark was newer.  It was made sometime after 1951 however they still could have been bought together if the store still has some of the older stock, or perhaps they ordered the plate later on.
 I really liked this set and even though Royal Chelsea is a bit new to me I shall be on the lookout for MORE!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Crafty Ways with teacup and tea pots

First today I will update my hand situation, I can type with both hands now.. sort of.  The fingers mostly work, but not the thumb cause it is immobilized.  So I will now be able to update these posts a bit before I post each one.

And I want to say thank you to all who sent me get well wishes.  I appreciate them all.  Obviously they are working.

 Fall weather has finally come and on Sunday I made my first pot of chili of the season.  And corn bread to go with.

As I continue on with my hand in a cast for the next few weeks...  I thought I would share some other ways to use tea cups.  If you ever had a favorite tea cup that suddenly developed a crack so you didn't want to use it any more... and you didn't feel right throwing it away.  Here are a couple of things I found at The Sussex New Brunswick flea market, back in August,  that give ideas for things to do with them.
 This first one was actually made with an unblemished tea cup, and a very pretty one at that. What a shame!!  But I couldn't resist taking the picture.  It is a little bowl turned upside down with the cup and saucer  Glued to the top.  And the whole thing was glued to a long stake that could go into the ground.  It could then serve as a little bird feeder.
I already have a similar one that someone gave me.... that is made of resin.  It is on a long metal stake and I keep in the garden just outside my office window.

The same person that made that teacup bird feeder that I have shown above also did some "hanging things."  I thought the teapot birdhouse was pretty cute though I don't think I would make one myself.  But it definitely gave me some ideas of things I could do with chipped teacups and teapots.

No tea pot or pitcher is safe....................

And I think this may have been an old tea tin.

AND If you still need ideas check out Pinterest.  It is full of pictures of ways to use them.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Our favorite flea market.

      On Monday Sept. 29 I had to have  hand surgery and so for the next few weeks my blog will be a bit different.  I am actually writing these posts prior to the surgery.  I will have my right hand in a cast for 6 weeks and really don't know how I will do without the use of my dominant hand so I am just doing this in preparation.  I will attempt to add little notes just prior to posting each  time, to keep you updated.

       Last Wednesday we made a trip to our favorite flea market in  Leesport, Pennsylvania.    As always we are able to find lots and lots of good stuff.  This visit was no exception.  I should also add that the weather was absolutely beautiful... warming up nicely into the mid 70s so we were able  enjoy a relaxing and comfortable walk about.

I saw several  tea things and the ones I bought I will show now but feature in later posts.  I also found a couple of things I didn't purchase as is often the case.

These are the pictures taken at the vendors stands.  When I feature them I will do a lot better at the photography.  This first little violet tea set also features a creamer.  I found it in another part of the table after I took this picture.  I bought the set.

 And the price was so good on these three tea cups I had to buy them too!!!!

I didn't buy this Old Country Roses tea set because the person that was selling it was off somewhere and never came back the several times I checked.  So I gave up on it.  I have an awful lot of OCR anyway.  But this child's set was pretty cute.

And finally I saw this cottage tea pot.  As I already have one didn't think I needed another!!!

Because it is fall................ there were lots of pumpkins and other decor but my favorite this time was the gourds.  There were baskets full of them.  Here are three assortments I found.

 I like to decorate with them so bought several of different sizes.

And finally I wanted to show this one vendors stand..... Not because of what she was selling but because I loved the background.  Backing up to the cornfield really seemed appropriate this time of year.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Some fall stitchery

Today I am going to be sharing some of the fall stitchery I have been doing.  Some very recent, some a bit ago.  I have to do a lot of stitching quickly now because I will soon be having surgery on my RIGHT hand which means it will be in a cast for a full 6 weeks.... so probably no stitching by hand.  I do hope I can use my sewing machine after a few days.

Fall will always be my favorite season and that is probably why I enjoyed doing these projects.

Meanwhile here are some of my projects.................
This first picture is of some little cross stitched items I did awhile back..... I just got them framed   and so I put them up for the season.

And here are the current projects.  One is already in its frame, the others will be turned into pin keep pillows I think.

I have enjoyed working with wool quite a bit this summer and here is a little candle mat I made that is now part of my fall table centerpiece.

Not needlework but still fall decor.... this is what is by our back door, welcoming guests.
     I still have time to do a bit more stitching so I had better get back to it.................................

Be sure to check back a blog post to see my Tea Cup Tuesday entry about fall.  And come back again next week for another Tea Cup Tuesday entry.   Even though I  have a hand in a cast I have been working ahead so I have entries ready until the middle of Nov.   I hope to be able to edit them a bit as use of my hand allows before each is posted.  We shall see................

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall has arrived in all its color

Fall will always be my favorite season.  I know winter is coming but fall is such a welcome relief after a hot summer.  In Maine I always loved the first smells of the season like smoke from wood burning stoves.   Here in Pennsylvania we don't have much of that nor quite the heavy dose of color but it is still a lovely season.   The colors come in subtly at this time of year.  A bit here and a bit there. 

My Black Eyed Susans (Rudbeckia)  are still blooming strong as fall nears.

This is the centerpiece on my fall table.

For my tea party today I wanted to choose a cup in saucer that said fall but the closest I would come was this one that was the second one I bought while in New Brunswick in August.  The colors are more muted and seems appropriate.   If you follow my blog you know I really love the Royal Albert Tea Cups and this is no exception. 

And the sugar and creamer have fall colored Chrysanthemums.
 They are from Paragon.

 And here is the mark.............

And how about a plate of Snickerdoodles.   I always think of my daughter when I make them.  She really likes them a lot!  I made these for my husband and I and honestly they didn't last a day.

I am joining Sandi's tea party today for this special Autumn Tea as well as the others in which I usual take part. 
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Lots and Lots of Tea Cups and Saucers!

 Our annual trip to New Brunswick always includes a visit to a HUGE annual flea market in Sussex.  We have actually been attending that flea market for well over 20 years.  We use to go when we still lived in Maine and continue to now that we live in Pennsylvania.  Just a bit longer of a drive.

One thing I can ALWAYS count on is seeing LOTS AND LOTS of cups and saucers!!

 Lots of variety in these first two groupings!

 The middle grouping in this picture of cups and saucers were ALL Shelley.  I don't know what the back ones were.As usual they were pretty pricey for my pocket book so didn't get any.  But do love looking at them.

And here are some miscellaneous makers.  This is where I found my lily of the valley cup and saucer set I showed you last week.

 I actually only bought 2 cups and saucers at the entire flea market.  I like to think it is my extreme will power....  Don't know for sure but I DID behave.

So if you needed cups and saucers this was the place to be!!!!
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