Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stitching along slowly!! While the kitties play

I Have been so busy with my shop, and getting ready for some travel I haven't done much on the "Stitch A Long" at all.  But I am promising my self I will be able to do it as we travel.  We shall see.  I am WAY behind.  I am enjoying doing the ribbon embroidery but I imagine I will change to something else soon. That might speed me up again.
You can see my cats have been "busy" too. They like to help when I do the laundry.  In the first two pics you can see Spooky in the front and Tuffy in the back sitting on laundry that is on top of washer waiting to be done.   And in the final picture Spooky is resting on the warm, freshly dried clothes.  Now where is that cat hair remover brush.