Saturday, January 22, 2011

So I have been missing..............

I had every intention of posting here a number of days ago but obviously good intentions aren't always carried through.

I did finish the quilt, at least the piecing part.  I am going to have someone else do machine quilting.  I just don't have the space or ability really.  Here is a quick picture I took.  It looks like of messy, can't spread it out anywhere so you will have to wait until I get it machine quilted to see the final project I suppose.
It does seem a bit of a jumble but I supposed that it part of it.  Anyway, I love all the colors as they remind me of my teenage years.

Since I have finished the quilt top, I have put the sewing machine away (I donated the old one to the Salvation Army)  Now I am spending time working on various art type products.

I belong to a group called ATC-Art Dolls where we create and swap paper dolls.  All are "artsy" none are tradtional.  Sometimes they are done full size, other times they must be the size of Artist Trading Cards which at always to be 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.  The dolls can be bigger but must fold up to fit the size and to be able to be put into a holder.
Here are two I just finished and mailed off today.  The theme was clocks and clock parts.  As I said, not traditional.  I used graphics, not actual clock or watch parts but I suppose I could have if I had the parts and they were small enough.  The arms and legs are "clock hands" and are attached by tiny little brads so they can move.  The head is as well.
I made a clockman and a clockwoman.
They are different but I think they are fun.