Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I found another flea market

The Tri Cities Flea Market in Bristol Tennessee

Last weekend while we were in Bristol, Tennessee at a Nascar Race we discovered a new flea market.  We are always looking for new ones so delighted when we found this one.  It is very large one and had some interesting things to see.  Didn't have time to spend much time so didn't buy a whole lot but it is always fun to find a new place and when we go back again next year we will try again.   I did take a few pictures to give you a feel of the place.
   You know I always search for China things.  I found this pretty tea set.  It isn't very old but I liked it.
 And my husband found this interesting chair.  He plans to fix it up.  I will show it one of these days when it is done.  Just don't hold your breath.  There are many projects ahead in line!


I didn't buy this garden chair but I thought it was an interesting picture.  Rather Shabby Chic.


 It was fun to see the the little chicks that were sale.        And this little piggy.
 And I even found this little doll house. 
 I wish we could have spent more time there.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday. Third Tuesday in March

This is my final post at this time featuring  my pansy tea cup collection here on Tea Cup Tuesday. In future I will show some of my other pansy things.  No more pansy tea cups though unless I find some more.

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 Here is another grouping from my Pansy Collection. 

  This pretty little cup and saucer is from Royal Winchester. 
 Don't know much about the company but I do like the looks of this set.
 I have a number of these porcelain flower arrangements.  I bought a number of them when we traveled to St. Thomas many years ago.  This one makes me happy because the pansies make me smile.

 There is no mark on the back of this set.  But I love them.  I think they were either a creamer of a gravy or sauce boat.  The little saucer below it matches but I don't know they were supposed to be used together.
 And finally this reticulated edge plate is made to hang on the wall.  As usual the pansies are sweet. Again, no mark but probably Japan.

Don't have any idea what tea cup I will show you next week.  A surprise to you and me!  We shall see.