Monday, August 20, 2012

TeaCup Tuesday across the border.

Last week I traveled to New Brunswick to visit family and while there we attended a huge flea market in Sussex.
One of the things I always look for there is teacup of course.  Canadians love their tea and they like to drink it in bone china teacups.  SO.... there are always lots of teacups available.  I admit I bought about 10 sets.  I will be showing them in the weeks to come.  But meanwhile I thought I would share pictures of many of the teacups I found that were available for sale!

I didn't get a lot of info on the teacups because there were so many.  Also there were about 900 dealers at this flea market and I would have never been able to see them all if I didn't keep moving.  They weren't all selling teacups that is for sure.  However there were a lot.  I just took some sample pictures!
Hope you enjoyed this quick walk through the Sussex Flea Market.

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