Monday, November 12, 2012

A November TeaCup for November!

I realized I should show my Royal Albert NOVEMBER cup and saucer while we are in November.
The flower for November is the Chrysanthemum and I thought they would use fall colors on their November tea cup but instead they chose the pink.   It is very pretty so I guess I can understand why they chose it.   It is not your normal fall themed cup and saucer.

I am showing it here on a pretty pink table cloth and accompanied by one of my favorite Fenton vases.

Of course, since it is the special cup for November it says so inside the rim.

I love the beautiful spray of Chrysanthemums on the side of the saucer and the bold picture on the front side of the cup.

 Here is the mark indicating it is from the flower of the month series.  I do have a few others of the months, mostly just the significant ones for our household.  November is my daughter's birthday month so it is important!

 One last picture before I sign off this week.  Continuing with the sage of Hurricane Sandy and all the trees that came down, here is an updated picture of the amount of wood my husband has cut up so far.  He is not even a third of the way done.  He will be no doubt cutting until Spring or Summer!  And then the splitting must be done for stove wood.  But it is underway.


Hope you enjoyed seeing this week's cup and saucer.
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