Monday, January 21, 2013

A special Rose Anniversary Tea

Roses in January!  This is a wild rose from my garden last summer. Pretty to look at the picture when there is nothing but snow to see in my gardens at the moment.

This week one of the tea parties that I attend each week is celebrating her third anniversary. 
 So in honor of that event I will be featuring some Rose cups and saucers this week.

I am beginning with my ultimate favorite  Royal Albert's Old Country Roses.  We have the full set and use it often.  Here are a couple of items from the set.

The next one is Old English Roses, also by Royal Albert.  It is older.  A very dear cousin often used this set so in Memory of Helen here is a picture of that cup and saucer.

And finally here are a few of the various Rose cup and saucer sets I have had out in my shop and have featured here from time to time.
 This is from Regency China Company.

Royal Vale

 Royal Albert

This is a stunning Royal Chelsea Cup and Saucer. 

Hope you enjoyed all the Rose cup and saucer sets!  I enjoyed finding them for you.

So join me for a cup of tea today and then visit the other tea parties that are taking place today.
 Here is the list of other tea parties in which I am taking part. 

                                                              Rose Chintz Cottage


Folk Magazine blogging #3

If it is Monday it is time to do the Folk Magazine Blogging Challenge.....

FOLK Magazine
Sorry,  I won't be doing the challenge  this week so am just putting this up for those that might check.