Friday, April 25, 2014

A car show and crafting

I am a little late with my weekly update on crafting and travels and such because I wasn’t home soon enough  to put it on the blog early Friday morning.  But am home now so here it is.

This week we did something completely different.  We went to a CAR SHOW.  It was in Carlisle, Pa.  They have a LOT of shows every year and people come from all over.  Even Canada.  In our campground there were campers from several Canadian provinces, CA, Nevada, West Virginia, CT, NY and Ohio, New Mexico, Utah, NH, NJ and Mass.  They were just the ones I noticed!   I heard some folks come from overseas as well.  Recently a guy came from Sweden and took a car home with him.  Apparently this place is a "big deal."

 My husband is beginning to restore a 1929 Model A Ford truck.  SO..... we needed  to go to a car show so he could meet with like minded folks.  AND so he could spend MONEY on stuff he needs.

I didn't actually go into the car show after the first day.  I only did that so I could see what it was all about.  The rest of the time I actually sat out in our camper which we were able to set up just outside the gate.  I brought along a lot of little projects to work on.  I didn't bring my machine but did bring scissors, glue, rotary cutter, fabric and cutting mats.  Also a tiny miniature bed project for one of my 1:48 scale doll houses.  I managed to finish up the cutting out of pieces for a BOM I have been working on.  I cut out a lot of the wool for some of the future Fellowship of Flowers projects and I did a LOT of reading.  It was actually like a mini vacation for me since all I had to do was cook breakfasts.    I was never bored.  We went out to dinner each evening which was my treat for the day.  We ate at a diner one evening.  I love diners and this one was a good one.

I  took a couple of pictures to show you the various things that caught  my eye.  I didn't go up to see all the show cars. The pictures I took were in the selling area.

The first was a "cute" 1949 Dodge Truck.  Now I think I might have fun driving around in it, if someone else would restore it.  LOL  (NO my husband won't do it....)

The next picture is of a Model A truck, similar to the one my husband is doing.

And then I found this cute "Henry J,"  a car from long ago that wasn't exactly a "best seller."  Someone had fun painting this up.

People that sell at the show sometimes sell vintage stuff too.  How about this old washing machine.

So we have returned home and life is now back to more or less normal.  Be sure to check back next week to see what we are up to now.  And what craft or sewing project I am doing.

And of course come back for Teacup Tuesday. 

Tune in tomorrow

I have just returned from a short trip and couldn't write up my usual end of week  post while away.  I will have one ready for you in the morning.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pretty Porcelain from Poland

We are finally able to enjoy the spring as the weather improves. And as the weather gets better we are able to get to some flea markets.      Happily, at a recent market, I spotted this set on one of the tables.

At first I only wanted to take a picture of it to put on my blog but the more I thought about it the more I knew I needed to get it for myself.  And of course you know I did!

I realized, after I bought it, that it probably was a coffee set since the pot was a "coffee pot" style, not a teapot.... and since the cups were so small, perhaps it was for "demi-tasse."  And after checking around the internet I determined it is definitely a coffee pot and demitasse cups and saucers. But what ever it is, I like it and I now own it!!!  (LOL)   The cups could be used at a child's tea party since they are small.
 Here is the set all together in the hutch...........

And below are closeups of the various pieces......

I think the design goes very well with my Royal Albert Old Country Roses as it is very similar.

And here is the mark.

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