Monday, June 23, 2014

A Day at the Flea Market

We spent the past weekend in the Syracuse area attending a high school graduation, a dance recital, a graduation party and last but not least one of our favorite flea markets...

It is always an interesting mix of old and new, produce, flowers,  vintage and antique items, food, coffee and a few TEA THINGS.  Actually I have to hunt for the the tea things but I almost always find some and this week was no exception.

To begin I found a pansy tea pot.... no I didn't buy it.  I hesitated and lost out when I went back and it was gone... OH well. I did get the picture.  Maybe I will find another one some day.  Besides, if I bought every cup and saucer and tea pot I found at all the flea markets we attend I would be broke have to buy a new house that was big enough to hold them all.

I saw this cute little set but they weren't in that good of shape so didn't get them.  I did enjoy seeing them as they were unusual and I had never before seen ones like them.
 This is the saucer. 
There were no marks on them.

I found this mustache cup.  I imagine our Tea Cup Tuesday friend Martha would  like it and probably would have bought it......................

Here is a pretty little tea cup set with roses.  I though Sandi when I saw this one.

And a simple tea set..

This unusual Brown Betty was nice but DIRTY as the picture shows.  I imagine all cleaned up it would have been good.  I didn't buy this one ....

But I did buy this one................
 I admit to being a sucker for the Brown Betty style teapots.

 I was surprised a bit when I read the mark.  I had sort of expected it to be from Japan.

And finally here was a grouping of cups and saucers that I did not buy but if you look at the back corner you will see a cream and sugar set I did buy.

And here it is, up close....

I thought those forget-me-nots were so sweet.  I think I might have a tea cup that goes with it out in my shop somewhere.

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