Monday, July 14, 2014

Teacup Tuesday

In my May26th post  I showed this picture of a new favorite hanger plant...  Lofos. 
Well here we are, a little over a month later, and look at it now.  It will soon take over my yard.... LOL
 And here is a Wild Turkey that came to visit our bird feeders a week or so ago.  She is huge.  I was so far away I didn't get as good a picture as I wanted.
We have been away from home this past week at a Bluegrass Festival.  I may talk about our week in another post.  But while I didn't prepare a tea party for you I found a few tea things at a flea market I attended during our trip to the festival.
      I did not buy any of these but thought they were pretty.  Actually I already have almost a full set of the red transfer ware...  English Scenes.  But took the picture anyway.  I know there are several participants in  Tea Cup Tuesday that often feature this and similar patterns.  The two in the back look to be smaller and a bit different.  I forgot to check the marks.  I only did it for the front one. (That is the one like I have several of.)

 and here is the mark.  I thought it was interesting that it was made for a store in Philadelphia. 
 Since I live in Pennsylvania this makes good sense.

Here is pretty tea cup from Tuscan Fine English Bone China.  I liked the delicate design.  

Here is the Tuscan Mark.

And finally I saw these plates and of course immediately though of Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage.   I thought she would enjoy seeing them.

Thanks for joining me  today and I hope you will visit the other Tea Time blogs as well.

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Hope you will visit them too.