Monday, July 28, 2014

Tea Cups and Wild Animals

This week on Tea Cup Tuesday I am doing something a bit different.  As you all must know by now I run an antique and collectible shop.  One of the big sellers is Tea Cups and other tea related things.  I have a LOT because I buy for myself too.  I have too many to count in my personal collection but a lot more in the shop.

So I thought I would share a few today.  I have been pretty busy lately and decided I wouldn't be able to do a tea party justice.  So this is what I am sharing this week.

 This is a pretty display shelf.  I did have two filled but sold the other one so this is the only  one I have  left.

My husband made this black show case for me.  I use to carry it to shows... so it folds up.  Now it just sits on a shelf and is brimming with tea cups, saucers, creamers and what have you.

These cups and saucers are Fire King.  I bought them from an Amish Lady who said she remembered her mother getting them in cereal boxes.  A similar set with the roses was shown on a tea party last week.

So there you have a lot of the cups and saucers from my shop but by no means all.


We have also had a busy week in our yard................................
Lots of wild visitors.  Our house backs up on to some woods and fields beyond and you never know what critters will pass by.

Here is a Wild Turkey at the Base of the Bird Feeder.
And next we had a raccoon visiting up by the shed.
And finally some deer.  The mom and her two little ones following her every where.  They did a lot of jumping and running.  Just having youthful fun I imagine.  We have a number of apple trees on the property and now that the baby apples have started to appear they show up for some treats.

In the past we have had Bears visit too but don't have any current (thankfully) pictures of them.


Thanks for joining me  today and I hope you will visit the other Tea Time blogs as well.

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