Monday, February 16, 2015

A Pretty Violet Tea

Oh the weather outside is frightful... well very very cold anyway though we didn't have the awful blizzard conditions some to the north of us and even to the west of had.....   So lets have a pretty little tea party inside!


Today's tea party features a Violet Tea Set I bought awhile back.  I was going to save the pictures I took and use later in the Spring but I sold the set over the weekend so might as well show you what it "was."  Also I am including a picture of the special cookies I made for my husband as a Valentine treat.   The little centerpiece above was something I received in a swap a couple of years ago. 

  This tea set was bought his past summer and I was tempted to keep it because I do love violets but decided I had plenty (if that is possible) of Violet things so decided to pass it on.  And this weekend I did just that to a customer that I know will love it!

  The set was made in Japan and here is the mark.

 This cup and saucer is one from my collection. Handpainted, it was made in Japan. But no mark on the bottom.  Must have had a sticker at one time.
                                   I think it has an interesting and different than normal shape.


And finally the cookies I made.  These are special.  Actually the cookie part is basic sugar cookie recipe and the frosting is home made cream cheese frosting.  But the topping is the difference.  When we go to Canada every summer we generally stop in at Ganong's Candy factory and store in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.  A few years ago we found some VERY special candies called Chicken Bones.  (Not to be confused with the "chicken bones" they sell in the US.)  They are Ganong Original Chicken Bones ™, made since 1885. A delicious semi-sweet chocolate center inside a hard spicy cinnamon flavored pink candy shell.   Well this past summer I decided to make some cookies and "spice" them up a bit by taking the candy, breaking it up a bit and adding it as a topping on the frosting.  It was a HUGE success.  My husband loves them so I decided they would be a perfect Valentine's gift for him this year so I made a batch just for him.

               And here is a picture of the Chicken Bones as taken from an ad on line....................

Here is the plate I am using to serve the cookies.  It is from my personal collection.  It was probably bought a number of years ago in Saint John, New Brunswick at Hayward and Warwick, a china and gift shop in the heart of the city.  Every time we go to Saint John I try to sneak in a visit there.  You never know what goodies you will find!!!  Over the years I have found MANY.

It is from Hammersley and below is the mark

                                                I hope you have enjoyed this week's post.

Here are the tea parties I will be joining this week.  Hope you will visit them too.

Remember, these may not be available every week so check to be sure.