Monday, April 6, 2015

another use for teacups


                                     I am hoping you all had a very happy and blessed Easter.  

Last week I mentioned that I was hopeful we would get to our favorite flea market during the week.  WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL............   Not to be.  We had a surprise snow storm instead.  5 inches on Tuesday but thankfully it was almost all gone by Wed. afternoon.  It is "slowly" warming up.  And according to the forecast we won't be going this week either... Rain is forecast EVERY single day.

My daffodils are coming up, thanks to the somewhat warmer weather and all the moisture.   They are really close to blooming.  When that happens I will feel like winter is FINALLY over..... even if it should snow again............

But on to tea and things.     No real tea party this week but I wanted to share something with you.

Because I buy so many cups and saucers, sometimes a box full at a time, I come across some that aren't really good for selling since they have cracks, chips or discoloration.  So as mentioned in a post a while back there are other uses for them so you don't have to toss them.  Especially ones that are really pretty.

Here are two that I recently made into little candle holders.  I think they would look nice on your tea table.  The first one is a bone china set with no maker listed on the bottom, it just says Bone China, made in England.  It has a couple of cracks, that, while minor, wouldn't make them saleable.  So a candle stand it became!!!!!
 Put the saucer on top of the upside down teacup.  You can use "e6000" to glue it together.
     And here you have it.  Obviously you can change out the candle for your
 preferred color for the party.

And here is one made using a Peach Lustre set made by Fire King.
 Again, put the saucer on top of the upside down cup and glue together.
 And it is done. 

In these two instances I used cup and saucer sets that weren't salable and did not really want to use myself, but I think you could also use ones that are fine, just don't glue them together.  And to prevent them from tipping when lighted you can use something like that candle holder wax that they sell that can easily be removed later.  (In California I think they call it earth quake wax.. or something like that.)  The product I use is called Tacky Wax, made by Department 56.

         So no tea at this tea party this week but these could brighten up your tea table.

Join me for a cup of tea today and then visit the other tea parties that are taking place today. 
Here are the tea parties I will be joining this week.  Hope you will visit them too.

Remember, these may not be available every week so check to be sure.