Monday, January 18, 2016

January Tea and Music

And so another week passes since my last Tea Cup Tuesday entry.  Time is surely flying fast.  Must be having lot of fun as the saying goes.

This week I want to share more Blue and White China, of which I own a LOT!!!!  These two mugs are a couple of my favorites.  Nothing better to me than holding a mug filled with warm tea or coffee on a cold winter's evening.  And these two are so nice and thick and hold the warmth well.

 The one on the right is from the Buffalo Pottery Company.  That was in the US.  And the one on the left simply says Japan on the bottom though it is hard to read.   I love the way the one from Japan has the extra treat inside with the pretty design you see, only as you have drunk some of the tea.
 Here is the mark for the one from Buffalo China.  It is an old cup, probably washed many times so the mark is a bit messy but you get the idea.

       I imagine I will be using these often over the next few weeks until things start to warm up.


It was Saturday night and my favorite BlueGrass group The Hillbilly Gypsies was going to be on stage in a   town about an hour from here.  I sort of "hinted" I sure would like to see them since it would be the fiddle players last performance with the group for awhile.....     So dh says.... sure get the tickets and find a nice restaurant!   I didn't waste time and did just that........

SO... off we went.  Considering it is January and our weather isn't always the best this time of year I was a tiny bit worried.  HOWEVER... not necessary.  It was cold but CLEAR.... And the drive in both directions was uneventful.

I had found a restaurant right across the street from the concert venue and luck was with us as we found a parking place right there!!!  (Someone was just leaving.)  

The Restaurant called Stella A is called a "bar and grill" featuring Greek Food although they had lots of other selections.
Upon being seated we were served this little Hors D'oeuvres Tray featuring Pita bread and pickled peppers.  Wow but they were good.  This is a picture from the website but it is what they looked like!!

Bill had Osso Buco   which actually is an Italian Dish but it felt Greek that night (LOL)  And I had Pork Souvlaki which is most assuredly Greek.  The servings were so ample we had the leftovers for lunch the next day! '
 I tried to get pictures  of our meals but lighting was not the greatest for that and my camera rebelled!

I asked for hot tea as my drink but was disappointed that didn't have any variety other than the "house blend."  It wasn't bad but I am thinking in future I should carry some tea bags with me of my favorite teas.  Some of our favorite local restaurants do carry varieties of tea but not this one.  I will say though the tea really hit the spot on this cold night.

We don't often go  to this town but you can bet if we are there in the future we will try to plan to catch a meal here again.

After dinner we crossed the street and went to the Elks Lodge ball room where the concert was to be held!!   The band was already warming up so that was a treat as well.  Since we have seen this group many times and feel like we know them we chatted with them a bit.  The room was not conducive to take pictures that I would want to put here so I took one from their website.     But it is still them.

  The Hillbilly Gypsies from Morgantown, West Virginia

I should point out that Bluegrassers we have met seem to love to meet up with old friends and fans and are always willing to chat a bit.

     The fiddle player, who can play classical as well as bluegrass is my favorite.  He always dresses in bib overalls and often plays barefoot.    This is purely an act!!! He is a VERY bright and talented young man.   Unfortunately he is leaving the group for awhile to do other things.  I will miss seeing him.  But wish him well.  Part of the reason I really wanted to go to this concert was to see him one last time.  We will be seeing the group again this summer without him.

After three lovely hours it was time to head home..................

I hope you will all visit me again next week.  You just never know what I will be showing.  Or talking about.  Or if we have had another "adventure."

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