Monday, February 22, 2016

And the heart beats on..................

As February marches along so do the hearts.  This is the Art Journal Page I did for the month of February.  I told you last week I would share it this week.

Our cold weather of last week disappeared for a bit and brought a LOT of rain.  And finally this rainbow.
This is was the scene across the road from our house after the storm.  It didn't last long but it was lovely while it lasted.

The day I started writing this post was not very nice so I stayed in and did some crafting and had some of this tea...  It is called cranberry autumn by Harney and Sons.  I found it at Barnes and Noble in the fall.  I only have it occasionally but always enjoy it when I do.
The mug I am using was made by Buffalo Pottery a LONG time ago.  You can see the mark below with a possible date.  Sometimes, when I need the tea for warmth I like to have it one of these heavy mugs.

Here is the mark.  It says 1911 but don't know exactly what they means.  It is for sure that the mug is old.   I am sorry the mark is a bit hard to read but that is the way it is printed on the mug.



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