Friday, March 9, 2018

More quilting, and some planning

I seem to have a lot to say this week.... to let you know some of the things I am doing and acquaint you with some great websites if you need help or inspiration.

I think I am getting my "art" back on...............  I have been organizing my craft room which had really turned into a mess over the holidays.............  And I am discovering things I had really forgotten.  Also I am trying to use up supplies.... both fabric for quilting and paints and paper for artwork.    The using up of fabric has resulted in the runners I have been showing.
The using up of papers and supplies comes in the form of my "Listing Books", my planner and bullet journal books,  some classes I am taking AND I will soon be collaging again.

For the past few years I have had moments of "collage mania" followed by nothing...............  I even took a class to help me get back into the pattern.   It was offered by Roben Marie Smith..
She offers a number of classes including the one I took which is called    Paper to Painting....

So as I collect up all my Past collage projects I decided to make them into booklets so they stay together and are easier to enjoy.  Next week I will show you the results of that effort.  It is nearly done.

I bought, a number of years ago, a Bind It All by Zutter.  It is, with some practice, and the watching of a few You-Tube videos,  a good way to bind things together. Here is the website so you can see what I am talking about.
Bind it All

Now that I have your brains spinning with all my planned projects I will leave you this time with a look at  another table runner I did.  This one is for the fall... I used it at Thanksgiving.......
Front of the runner
Showing the back folder over......
I haven't shown you what I do with the runners when I put them on the table.  Perhaps next time.  Oh and I just finish another runner, black and red, that I will also show in the future.....  Just hold on, this may be a wild ride for a few weeks as I pull all this together.


Mellowood Gallery said...

The runners are certainly bright and colourful. It is always good to clean up and clear out - especailly by turning things into something useable - well done!

Kim said...

Love the pretty fabrics in your runners, Beth. Isn't it amazing what one finds and rediscovers when one cleans their sewing/craft room.