Friday, February 1, 2008

Anniversarys and Restaurants

We always know which anniversary we are celebrating when it comes. Just check on the number of the superbowl. The first one took place near our first anniversary.

We celebrated our 42nd anniversary three days late thanks to a small bout with flu.
We went out to dinner last night at one of the newer style restaurants, Bennigans. The kind that have a bar, a grill etc. They are all pretty much the same..... however at least this one had excellent food. Even if the beer was flat...........

But my real problem with these places is that they are so "cold" feeling. No tablecloths or even placemats. And the napkins are wrapped around the flatware with a little paper thing that is on so tight it is hard to get off and you end up tearing the napkin. What is it with that.... they save a bit of money I guess but they certainly charge enough to make up for it! The "niceties" of dining out seem to be gone. So while we enjoyed the food we were still disappointed. Now you may say... well the food was good so what was the problem........ We just felt a bit cheated in the whole "dining" experience. We must just be old fashioned but I don't see why we have to feel old fashioned because we like our dining out to be a bit of an experience.

Any comments on this would be welcome