Monday, June 18, 2012

Third Teacup Tuesday in June

June is racing along, when will it slow down...............

This past week I had a chance to go to a big group antique shop in the town of Frackville, PA.  It is called Black Diamond Antiques (probably because it is located in coal country in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

I will share a few of the things I found this week and have more for next week as well.

One of the very popular kind of china sets is called Transfer ware and many many sets were made.  You probably think first off about Blue Willow.  But oh there were so many more.  I have shown a few varieties over the time I have been doing this.

Today I am showing you a few pieces from   Edge Malkin Ironstone Transferware ...made in England and the pattern is called Italy.  A very pretty red.  I also found a bit of it on sale on eBay.

As I was walking around the shop I was looking for anything that would be used for a tea-party.  Here are a few things I found.
 Here are some tea pots of various types.  And below I have included a little one I liked. It was small. Probably only for one or two cups.

And here is a "hammered aluminum" tea leaf holder.  I have had one of these in my shop. And I have a little salt and pepper set that was the same style.
Come back next week to see what else I found at the shop......................

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