Monday, March 7, 2016

How about a new take on Banana Bread for your teaparty

This week I stumbled across this recipe for Banana Bread at a favorite recipe site called
Just A Pinch.

I love Banana Bread and have been making it for years using the recipe in James Beard's cookbook..  On Bread.   I found this recipe which is a different take on Banana Bread and decided to try it.  So far my family is enjoying it.  I made two loaves the the first one was almost done on the first day.

The recipe is called..... Aunt Lynda's Cream Cheese filled banana bread.   You can find the recipe by clicking on the title.

It was a bit of work but so worth it.......


For this week's tea party I am reprising a blog post I did two years ago featuring my personal collection of Riviera Dinnerware by Homer Laughlin.
With the addition of the yellow and white daisies I think it is quite springlike and spring is what we are waiting for............... This week the temps are starting to head upward which is welcome.


  Many of you are probably familiar with Fiesta.  But Homer Laughlin made other patterns at that time.  One was this one called Riviera using the plate design called Century.  It was available at JJ Newberry.  and The Murphy Co. (similar to Woolworths)

Riviera is available in the same colors as Fiesta....  but is a very different shape. We like it so much we have been collecting the green color for many years and as a result probably have almost every different item they sold.

(they made it in other colors and the blue one and the yellow one go nicely together.)

If I was going to have a tea party using this pattern these are the pieces I would probably use.

There was a teapot but that is one thing we have not found.   We have all sizes of plates and platters, bowls in several sizes, a large pitcher and a covered vegetable dish.  All in addition to the pieces I have shown above.

Sugar and Creamer

         Interestingly enough this sugar bowl is just a smaller version of their casserole dish.

cup and saucer

Fruit Bowl

2 tiered server

Be  sure to check in again next week.  I will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day and also have some more completed quilt squares to show you.

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