Friday, November 6, 2015

Quilts and more quilts

 This is my dining room table centerpiece for fall.  The runner was one I made several years ago. I found the inspiration for the runner in the fabric department at Marden's, a favorite store in Maine.  The gourds all came from Leesport a couple of weeks ago.

Fall is definitely full under way...although we are having a bit of Indian Summer this week.  It was so warm Wed. we even took a trip down to the Leesport Flea Market....  My husband has been out clearing leaves for the past several days.  We have close to 40 trees on our property and after the pretty colors comes the ground cover..............
  Speaking of leaves, I took the first two pictures when I got into my car a few days ago.  "Almost" frosted over windows.  I thought they were so arty I took a picture of each side of the windshield. I may try to use them in some art journaling soon.

The leaves are from our pretty little Japanese maple tree.... so pretty and then they are gone.

 I did say I would show more recent quilting projects this week so here they are........

I found this pattern for a Candy Corn mug rug and knew I HAD to make it.  The pattern is free from the website called Craftsy.  Here is a link.
There are some other patterns on that page too.  I was lucky to have most of the fabrics in my stash!

This next project is what has now become one of my all time favorite quilts.  I now use it to cover up when I watch tv on cool evenings.  It is from the book pictured here.

  Heather Mulder Peterson

It is still available as an e-book at Martingale Press. I was able to purchase it back when it was a real book. There are over 20 bed, lap, and wall quilts shown.   All fun to do I imagine. There are still a couple in the book I want to make.
I had done another strip quilt lately and it was so much fun I decided to try this one.  This definitely used up a LOT of scraps though I did have to buy the black.  I did each square on muslin instead of paper like some strip quilts suggest.  It made it so much easier because I did not have to rip the paper off after.  I just left it in place.

I still have lots more recently finished projects to share so be sure to come back next Friday and see what I have to show you.