Sunday, February 25, 2018

Quilting and Listing

I am continuing with the 30 Days of Lists projects........   My March book is ready. I showed the cover last week.    I have been printing off some journaling cards I got from the Pixel Scrapper website.  I will make a list on each card and add to the book along with the number of the day.  That is what I have done for the last three times I did it and it worked our well for me.

For the September Listing I used a little empty note book I found with some others at Marshall's.  (A great place to find notebooks and stationary items at a VERY good price.) I have a lot of handmade papers I have bought over the years so I cut or ripped a piece to fit the pages...  using a variety of the papers throughout the book.  Here is day 25 showing the handmade paper added and then the journaling card.  I also put a fall picture I found in a magazine as a bit of extra interest.  I love doing this.  I think I probably like making the little books as much as I do the listing.........

AND I am continuing on with my quilting too.  My big goal for last year and this year is to use up my HUGE stash of fabrics and so I am.............

I have been making runners for the various seasons.

They are very simple to make.....   Cut a backing fabric the size of the runner you want.  Then a piece the same size of batting.  And finally start cutting strips the width of the runner and maybe two or three inches wide.  For the one I am showing today I found fabrics that fit the season I was working on......   This one is for Halloween.  I did buy a couple of fat quarters for this but mostly used what I already had.   The first picture is of the front and for the second picture I folded the back over so you can see.  It is a pretty quick project and over time I hope to have lots made....  They work up quickly and you don't really need to be that accurate if you don't want to....  just depends on how you feel.  And it does add to the interest.  I have thought about adding some machine embroider designs as well but haven't done that yet.     I have been using these on my dining room table

Halloween Runner


This Shows the backing folded over.........

Next week I will show two more I have finished and maybe better details of how it is done ....  I have another in works at the moment.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

30 Days of Lists

Three times last year I participated in an event online called 30 DAYS OF LISTS.   If this feels interesting to you after read this you can learn more and even sign up at the following link.

To begin here is the link to the 30 Days of Lists so you can learn more about it.............. Just click on the graphic......... 

While you are on the page you can click on various links to see examples or to learn about past events.  The nice things about this is that you can participate any way you like.  You can join a facebook group to learn more and to share... or NOT.  You can post your pages on Instagram or NOT..... It just depends on how you want to participate.  AND it doesn't matter where you live in the world IF you can get internet.  No mailing in anything....

This year I was able to sign up for the the whole year   (all three events) and I found a book in my stash that I can use........  I can't remember exactly where it came from but I know it was a swap I did where everyone contributed pages and they were all made into a book.  As I was perusing the book I think I may have learned that the swap was from a group I once belonged to called Belle Papier.  Don't really know... however ... finally I am using it.......  I made some lettering using my Cricut machine to put on the front cover as I did with last years listings.

Here is the cover of the book I am using this year........before and after adding the title..
I will talk more about what I will do with it later.

Last year I did all three Listings and here are the covers of the mini albums I created.
Each one is a book I already had that I converted to my listing book.  I used my Cricut Machine to make the letters on the front of each book.  Over the next couple of weeks I will show you the inside.  But mostly I wanted you to learn about this form of  journaling that can be done by the artistic and those who don't feel so artistic. And pretty much anywhere in the world.


I would think that you could use this format for all sorts of other types of lists not just the ones that are included in this particular event.  Some folks even do it digitally. As I was writing this I was thinking about finding a book to perhaps use to list the crafting projects and or quilting projects I am currently doing.  But who knows.  One projects seems to lead me to another.

If this sounds interesting visit the above link to learn more.   And perhaps you will join us.  The current "listing" begins March 1st.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Camo the cat and some quilting

 Meet the latest kitty that has joined us....  well outdoors anyway.  He is still  feral and not sure about us at all.  (at least we "think" he might be a boy.)  But he knows we will put out some pretty good food for him every day.  We have named him Camo.  Short for camouflage.  He really blends in once he gets up into our woods.  Especially where we "think" he may reside.  Under the "roof" of a tree house that came down in the really bad wind storm a few years ago.

I have been trying to get caught up on projects, and currently am working on a couple of quilts.  The  one I am showing this week is one that I recently got back from the long arm quilter lady.  I am  still working on the  the binding. I am hopeful I will get it doe this coming week if life doesn't get out of hand.

 This quilt is actually a combination of a couple of quilt projects combined into one.  The majority of the squares were from a Block of the Month quilt project I followed on the blog...  Country Threads Chicken Scratch.....  To show how far behind  in some things I am I am pretty sure I started this one about 4 years ago.

 In addition I added several blocks from a local class project  that I never finished.  I hate to waste any of the squares I have made.............

I have another quilt I am waiting for from the long arm lady.....  I hope this one is completed before that one arrives.  I will show that one once it is here.

And join me next week.   I have a couple of projects to share.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder???????

 I have been absent from my blog for too long.  Did you miss me???   I probably won't be doing the Tea Cup Tuesday every week as my life has taken me in other directions.  But I do hope to at least do a blog post every week.

I am on a HUGE mission to finish up some sewing, quilting, crafting and more projects over this year.  I completed a quilt and it is now waiting for binding.  I have another quilt at the long arm lady's shop and it should be returned to me in a couple of weeks.

When they are done pictures will be posted.

I have been working on the Altered Books I have created over the past 20 years.... YEP... 20 years. Most are fully done but I discovered a few that I never really put finishing touches on to make them complete.

The reason I am inspired to do that is that a good friend and I recently attended the most amazing art show at a nearby college....  It was held at Penn College in Williamsport, PA.   It was actually a double art show.  The formal show in the main gallery was called  BOOKS UNDONE.   The art of the altered book.
Click on the links below for the brochure and the catalog of the show.



In addition there was another show in the main part of the library called Old Books, New Lives featuring altered book art created by students and faculty members using books that were ready to be discarded from the library.  To me this part was the best and here are some  pictures of work I REALLY liked.    I am showing some of the items since their pictures were not included in the catalog and I think these are really terrific.

What a fun way to use books that are scheduled to go to the shredder!!!  Good recycling.

I hope you will come back again next week to see what I am up to.... perhaps I will have the quilt bound and ready to show off.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Liberate Your Art

I missed a week or so because I was in the midst of several projects around the house and just couldn't seem to sit down and write something.

And then a big SWAP in which I was participating came to a close and part of the deal was to blog about it if I had a blog so HERE I AM.

Liberate Your Art is a big swap started awhile ago by one of my favorite on line artists... Kat Sloma.
The deal is, you send 5 postcards to her and you will get 5 back plus one from her. (And they are to be copies, not the originals.  Some are collage, others drawn and others photographs.  You never know and they can come from all over.  

My postcards were some photographs I took awhile back.  They were, as I tell folks, taken in one of those serendipitous moments.   I was getting in my car to run errands and about to turn on the windshield wipers when I realized what a lovely picture mother nature had provided for me....   Since I always carry my camera with me I was able to take a picture or two of this lovely surprise.  I have to admit I hated to run the windshield wiper and erase the lovely picture.  But errands had to be run so I did it.

Here is the result.

I love this kind of swap because, while it doesn't take a whole lot of time, you get immense rewards,  I have also participated in a number of post card swaps with Lisa Vollrath.  So many in fact that I now have a notebook filled with those results.  And I added these new ones to that book...........

 You can check out and possibly join with Lisa's group at this link.....  I can't find a link for a current swap but if you get on her mailing list you will no doubt learn about future ones. I should mention that her artwork can be unusual!

 I am sure there are other swaps out there.  I just don't know about them "yet"....

SO here is the picture I promised of all the postcards I received.  Some drawn or painted, a collage, and some photographs.  A wonderful mix.  I am so glad I participated.

And here is a link to see what this is all about and what folks participated this year..........
LIBERATE YOUR ART.  Check it out.

I hope you will come back to visit my blog.  I write about Tea Cups, art and crafting I do, and what ever else that seems important at the time.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

My new toy

For Christmas this year I received a new "toy," a Cricut®Machine.  I have been playing with it and cutting out some things that will eventually be titles on pages in some of my scrapbooks.  But the one fun thing I did was an elaborate cut out about coffee which I framed.   Here is the result. I will probably do one about tea next.  I have the "cut" file already.  Maybe a fun thing to show on a future Tea Cup Tuesday post.
I know the picture shows up terrible but I hope you get the idea.  I should have taken the picture before I framed it behind glass and sealed the back.  But I hope you get the idea.  I now have it hanging on the wall in my office.  I used an old frame I found in my workshop.  I may use some gold Rub and Buff on it eventually to make it look better.
    I got the "cut file" on Etsy from
She has some other ones I may get in the future.  I really like her work.
For those of you not familiar with the Cricut®Machine here is a link to let you learn.

  Be warned. You may want to get one for your self.  I also have a die cut machine.  But sometimes  I can't find a die that has the look I want.   And the cuts you get from other people don't cost nearly as much as a die might.
Anyway.... This is my first big attempt.  I will try to show more things I have done as time goes on. 

Be sure to some back on Tuesday for Tea Cup Tuesday.  I have a craft project I am showing that incorporates a broken teacup. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Teacup Tuesday

It is time again for Tea Cup Tuesday.  Here is one of my favorite teacup and saucer sets. It is called ANGELA.    It is Royal Albert of course!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tea cup I have selected today.   Come back to visit on Saturday to see what I am crafting and next Tuesday for teacups and crafts.

  I will be joining with the following Tea Parties and blog parties on the days they publish.   Some are on different days of the week so my listings will show up then.  And some may not be available every week.  Be sure to check.

Hope you will visit them too.