Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Big Change of Pace

From reading my past blog you may know we follow NASCAR and have been to some races. But last night we headed to a track where careers for NASCAR could actually start. This is where the very young begin..... several were just 5 years old. Though there were oldies too who just like to race.

We went to the Greenwood Valley Action Track It was a bit of a drive over a lot of back roads but thanks to Map Quest we found it easily.

We got there a bit early and managed to see all the practice runs, all of the heats and several of the feature races. We didn't stay for all the the features but enough. The track is dusty and you can smell all the gas fumes..... But it appeared that all the drivers and families were having a great time.

The food was pretty good too..... Cheeseburgers, Chili dogs, fries and some really terrific ice cream. We left a good bit of money in the concession stand but it was worth it.

Don't know if we will go back to this track but may try some of the others in our area. It is a fun way to spend an evening.