Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Rust Garden

While visiting a good friend in Maine last summer I was inspired to create a "rust garden" in my yard.  My friend uses interesting pieces of rusty junk in various spots in her gardens to add interest.  I have often included interesting items in my gardens but never really concentrated on Rusty items..... until now!

I had a small garden area that used to hold herbs.  I had pretty much stopped paying proper attention to it and the garden was getting pretty ugly....   so in the fall I cleared it out and began adding rusty items I had found and my husband had found.  I added some here and there and planted Sedums, all different varieties.  I did not know there were so many different types.  I also added a lot of hens and chicks which seem to like growing in our area.

So here are a few pictures of the garden....................

The is the rust garden cleared out, ready to receive...........
 And Bentley is on guard, ready to protect...............

The winter residue doesn't look too good in the garden but the plants survived as you shall see............
I still need to do a good overview picture but here are some pictures to show you what I have planted. And you can see the various "rusty items.  
 Here you can see that all the plants green up nicely.
                        I thought these rusty old metal gears were perfect for the hens and chicks.

And if you look closely in this picture you see an old rusty stroller (I found it in Virginia on our trip in March.)

 And   here is  "MY MAN RUSTY"    I just bought him this week at our favorite flea market in Leesport.
    for a mere $8.00.  And he is holding a gerber daisy I found for just $1.00.  Really good sales this week!
Hope you enjoyed this quick little tour!.  I will update the pics later if there are any dramatic changes. If you click on the pictures you can them bigger!

Monday, June 4, 2012

First TeaCup Tuesday in June

Just a quick visit today....
    The cup and saucer I have chosen to share with you is from Queen Anne.  I think Queen Anne makes some of the prettiest cup and saucers that I own.
                          This one features some pretty little wild roses. I was not able to find the pattern name
anywhere on line.  Maybe some of you know.  But I really like it because the flowers are in full bloom but soft and so pretty.

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