Thursday, January 14, 2016

Snow has finally shown up

Winter finally arrived.    Well the snow part anyway.  For the past several days we have had snow off and on.  It is some how peaceful to look out the window and see the flakes gently coming down.  Well, peaceful if you don't have to go anywhere or drive anywhere.

Funny thing.  I hadn't finished this post and thought I had just put it on draft mode until I could get back with the pictures I had taken.............    and suddenly I realized it had posted.  Obviously it wasn't quite finished or even edited if you read it before now.

 Here are the pictures I took of the current snow.....................

As you can see it isn't all that much by some standards........  My daughter, who lives up near Syracuse, NY had well over a foot of snow while we got only this much.  But it does seem more like winter now.   This picture is of my garden shed.  It includes my birdhouse collection.
 This next picture is of a little patio area off of my deck.  In the summer I like to sit there and have a cuppa!!!  Probably won't be doing that for awhile now.
 And finally here is the side yard, looking out towards the street.   I imagine we will get a good bit more snow before it is all over but for now this is enough.  The roads are now all bare so driving is fine. But you must be careful walking on some unshoveled walk ways.
Come back to see me at the next Tea Cup Tuesday Blog Party and I will have a cup and saucer to share as well as another adventure my husband are planning for this weekend.

Monday, January 11, 2016

A pretty teacup and an adventure on a COLD winters Day

 I am starting today's post with some pictures of a cup and saucer set that seem quite appropriate for January.  The set is called "Winter" and is made by Duchess China.  It is so pretty and I think it definitely lives up to its name.

When writing my post, as I often do, I decided to do a bit of a search on line to learn more about the company called Duchess China.  CLICK HERE for an interesting website that tells a bit about it and its history and then there is a link to the actual modern day website for Duchess China.
 To change the subject quite a bit, I wanted  to share an "excellent adventure" my husband and I had this past week. We went to a nearby town in search of record players, the vintage, windup kind.  We were pretty sure the guy we had met had a "few."  WELL..................  He had way more than a few..........

I wish now I had taken some pictures of the whole floors full (there were three floors) but I didn't.  I did take a few pictures of individual ones. I will show them in a bit.

The building was old, and if someone had the money to restore it, it would be amazing.  Mostly now it is so full of the record players you could barely see the beauty that was hidden.  There had to be 50 or so very vintage and antique record players  on each floor.  And interspersed were boxes full of old vinyl records.

It was very cold.... inside and out but that didn't stop us.  I did however wish I had had the forethought to bring myself some hot tea in a thermos to ease the cold.

Here are pictures of a few of the older  Edison Brand players........

 He also had a record player that I liked but he seemed reluctant to talk about selling it.  So I didn't take a picture.  But the discussion will just be tabled for another day.  I just imagine sitting in my living room and listening to old records playing on it....  Who knows............

The drive home was pleasant as the car heated up and we began to thaw out..............

  I hope you enjoyed our little adventure.  There are amazing treasures out there if you just ask around.  And it was a fun and rather different way to spend a very cold winter day.
I hope you will all visit me again next week.  You just never know what I will be showing.  Or talking about.

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