Saturday, January 8, 2011

The First Project

Yesterday I started collecting up the fabric I will be using for the first project on my sewing machine.  I am going to make a lap quilt using fabric with '50s colors, you know .... pink, turquoise, coral etc.  I found a lot of these at Wal-Mart, believe it or not, awhile ago.To get the rest I needed I went toJoAnn Fabrics.

I found the pattern for a quilt using "fat quarters" and that is what I will do.  In case you don't know a "fat quarter" if a quarter yard of fabric cut a bit differently. To make it more useful they take a 1/2 yard cut and cut it in half. Therefore a quarter yard. That means you can use it more easily in quilting and other crafting projects.

There are 12 different fat quarters.  Today I hope to start cutting them into the required sizes to make the quilt.  Yesterday I ironed them to make cutting easier and more accurate.  I will show a few of the cuts as I make them so you will understand what I am doing.  So tune in tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I won over the machine

I am happy to report that I found out how and successfully learned how to thread my new sewing machine thanks to the man at the sewing machine where I bought it, all the way down in Alabama.  He was patient with me and it worked.

Then later I was having trouble getting the reverse to work.  Nothing in the manual gave me any idea how to trouble shoot this.  So.....   this time I called the Brother Sewing Machine company help line.  The lady there explained there was a switch on the back I should check.  It was in the proper place but I decided to turn it off and on and suddenly it decided to work.

So if you decide to buy a Brother Sewing Machine you can be sure you will get help, easily, when you need it.

In the next couple of days I want to start on some sewing projects. Yesterday I did some practice stitching.  There are a LOT of great stitches included in the machine so here is a picture of my samples.  Not too fancy, just wanted to make sure they all worked.

I am much happier this morning than I was yesterday morning,  I still have to learn to use the embroidery part of the machine but that is for a later day.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new... SEWING MACHINE that is.

I gave myself a big Christmas gift this year.  Something I have wanted for ages.....   a new sewing machine and also one that embroiders.  Too bad I didn't have it when my kids were little.  My daughter could have had all those "cute" little outfits.  But in those days an embroidery machine cost thousands....

After spending a LOT of time researching on the internet I determined that I "NEEDED" to get a Brother SE400 sewing machine.  It is an electronic sewing machine and it does nice embroidery.  Every comment I read from users said good things, ease of use, fun to use etc.

WELL......  I have been sewing on one type of sewing machine or another for OVER 60 years and never had such trouble....  I can't figure out how to thread the stupid thing!!!  I am sure I will figure it out eventually....  Since I didn't buy it locally there isn't really anyone I can ask without driving a couple of hours......  They do sell them at my local wal-mart but heaven forbid they would know how to use them.     So for the next little while I will be practicing threading.  I have to tell you that my old machine loaded bobbins easier too.  Don't know why this is so complicated since the result is the same.  I am thinking of keeping my old machine just to load bobbins....  well probably not..... But it is an idea....

Here is the picture of the old machine... a kenmore.  The reason it is going is because it no longer will reverse and the stitches are extremely uneven on the straight stitch.  I just stopped sewing mostly cause of the problems. 

Doesn't it look lonely sitting on the shelf.  I will be giving it away after I make sure the new one works correctly. 
     The new machine is a   Brother SE400.
If you click on that link you can learn all you ever need to know about the machine, except how to thread it.
I shall quit now and go back to the problem at hand.  I hope tomorrow I can report some success here.