Monday, May 4, 2015

Serviettes and Nappies

          While reading the responses to my last weeks post....  my Australian friend referred to what we in the US call napkins as "serviettes".  My Canadian cousins also call them that.

  So that got me to thinking about another item that has a different name elsewhere. One such word (or words really) is Fruit "Nappies."  My Canadian cousins, at least the ones in New Brunswick, call the small small bowls, as pictures below, fruit nappies.  From what I could find definition wise, in this context, they are small bowls used to hold fruit and often were sold with a larger fruit bowl.
                       Here is a picture of my favorite fruit set.

I have other small bowls that are similar in size that we use to hold dipping sauce, small fruits and other side dishes.  We now call them "nappies" at our house too.

Even though I have given examples from English Speaking Countries the words are not the same. I think that is interesting.

I enjoy hearing and reading the different terms used around the world for various things.  These two, in particular, are certainly useful when talking about tea parties.  Are there others???

Walking about the garden today I discovered these Vibrant red tulips hiding behind a bush and just HAD to take a picture.

I hope you are enjoying a cup of tea today......

             Here are the tea parties I will be joining this week.  Hope you will visit them too.

Remember, these may not be available every week so check to be sure.