Monday, May 21, 2012

Red Rose Tea

I was introduced to Red Rose Tea many years ago while visiting with my husband's family in New Brunswick, Canada.  It is a very popular brand of tea in Canada.  (Should I admit here that I prefer the Canadian brand called King Cole Tea ?????.)

But back to the Red Rose Tea.  There is a wikipedia entry about Red Rose Tea where you can learn lots about the brand.     (

Red Rose tea is probably best known, after the tea itself, for all the premiums they offered in their boxes.
 Here is a picture showing some of the nursery rhyme characters that were offered in one of the early series. They offered many animals as well.   They now give out the little figurines in US tea but they aren't nearly is nice in my humble opinion.  Mostly because they don't have any hand painting like the ones given out in Canada.

The reason I am mentioning this now is because I wanted to show you an interesting cup and saucer that was also a premium they offered a while ago.  Actually it was a set of three tea cups and I only have one but you will get the idea. The set was three cups and apparently there was a little booklet that told how to read the leaves.  I don't have any of that but here is the cup and saucer I do have.

I am certainly not into tea leaf reading however I think it is an interesting idea to see the cups to use.  I might add that in Canada the normal Red Rose tea is in little gauze bags called "sachets." Unlike our cheap paper tea bags.  Also the gauze bag generally is good for up three cups of tea(depending on how strong you like it.) Because of this there are no loose tea leaves so no leaves to read.  

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