Monday, March 8, 2010

Still Stitching Along

I only managed to get one square done yesterday.  I have to catch up here so "maybe" I will get more than one done today.  I have discovered that finding something to put in the square is harder than actually doing it.

As you can see I decided to continue something from the square above it.

Our weather is continuing to be great here.  We are being tempted with a possible 60 degrees today.  Will have to break out the shorts  (hehehe), well maybe not but plan to enjoy it.  My daffodils are getting taller with yellow buds, if this warmth continues I imagine they will open soon.

Today we are returning to the scene of the "crime".....  well, the scene of Bill's accident.   I have a doctor's appt.  at the same doctor I was visiting when Bill was hit by that snowplow.  I imagine it will not be easy for Bill.  But we have other errands in the vicinity so he will go along too.

I will be spending a lot of my day working finishing up books for my shop, to get ready for my tax lady appt. later this week.   Sound like fun...........  NOT.
Hope to get some stitching sneaked in somewhere.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I mentioned some of the silk ribbon embroidery books by Judith Baker Montano because I personally like them the best BUT there are lots more available.  You can check them out at Amazon.

My stitch a long continues

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Temps up into the 50s and sun high in the sky melting away the snow. Today promises to be more of the same. I noticed my daffodils are not far from blooming.
Because of the nice weather my antique shop overflowed with customers. That is why I never got these pics posted yesterday.
All you folks that live in areas where you don't have a real winter will never know the wonder of a day like that, the promise of more and just the general well being you feel. I know, it it sort of like hitting your head against the wall cause it feels so good when you stop. But seriously I personally love the four seasons. And I enjoy as each changes to the next.

At last I have some more stitches to show. I am only 2 days behind now. If you click on the picture you can see the picture large and perhaps get more detail.

I am continuing with my silk ribbon embroidery. All are flowers because that is what Silk Ribbon embroidery seems to be about. I hope to get a few more done today.

Once I run out of ideas for this part I will probably switch over to more standard embroidery using floss of which I have a lot of different types. We shall see as time goes on though.

I am using some of my Judith Baker Montano books on Silk Ribbon Embroidery. They are excellent books if you decide you want to try some of this type of embroidery.

I hope when I say I will be back tomorrow with more I mean it but you never know.