Friday, July 29, 2011

Messy but fun

Today I finally did a crafting thing I had been meaning to try.  It involves National Geographic magazines, Citra Solv cleaner and a LOT of news papers.
 Citra Solv is available on the web (Amazon) and at many art supply places.  Also at Jerry's Artarama, if you are lucky enough to have one near by.  And at places like Health Food Stores.  It is non toxic but have to say you will probably want to do this outside if you can or in a really well ventilated room. The odor can be a bit overwhelming.  The nice thing is, if you decide you don't want to use this to make paper, you follow the directions on the bottle and it makes a great cleaning item.  Just add to a spray bottle with water and all the messes come up easily.  Who would have thought.
Since artists have discovered the product the Citra Solve web site has featured a lot of information on the "art" side of the product as well as it's original use.

There are a number of places on the web where you can find directions and see videos about making the Citra Solv papers and I will list them at the end.  I had been trying to find Citra Solv locally and finally located it at a nearby Health Food Store.   I had bought a few older (1990s) National Geographics at the flea market this past Wednesday.  And I had plenty of old newspapers............. SO... here goes...........

I won't show how it's done since there are many places to learn how on line... see my list below....
But.... here are some of the pages I did.  I think they will be wonderful background pages for a journal.  One guy said he used them for a cover for a book, to wrap little packages and to make pictures.  I think anywhere you can use interesting paper you can use them.

I have learned in doing this to be patient. Some of the best pages were ones that I let sit for awhile..
You cover the pages with the citra solve, close the magazine, maybe squash down a bit on the magazine and then let sit, at least 20 minutes.  Careful pull the pages apart.  If you don't like what you see add a bit more CS and wait again.

But don't forget it you really don't like the results, toss them so they don't bother you.............

The  following three pictures are pages I created using this method.  If you like to make a mess while you do a project this one is for you.  You can click on a picture to see it larger.  This is just the beginning for me.  I want to try other techniques on the pages.

CitraSolv Links:
 1. A Tutorial:
2. Citra Solve Website
3.  Stampington and Company

If you google for Citra Solv art sites you will find a LOT more. Also go to YOUTUBE and check on citrasolv, there are a LOT more.

 This is such an amazing process it is no wonder folks are doing it and writing about it.

I seem to be a little late getting on to the bandwagon but better now than never.................

Thursday, July 28, 2011

If it's Wednesday we must be at the Leesport Flea and Farm Market!!

If it's Wednesday we must be at the Leesport Flea and Farm Market!!

Yesterday we headed down to our favorite flea and farm market.  The weather promised to be beautiful and it was.  The temps were in the high 70s, low 80s and the sky was clear.  We didn't have as much luck with things to buy for our antique shop but found some personal things and a lot of veggies and there was definitely a lot to see.

We got there so early many vendors were just setting up but it didn't stop me finding things to photograph.
One of my missions on this day was to find some blue bottles for my new bottle tree that I have at home in my garden.  No luck on the blue bottles however I certainly saw lots of blue glass like this grouping.
I collect dolls so always notice them when I see them though don't usually buy them this small ...........

If I had been looking for jewelry I could have had lots to choose from.

I liked these watering cans but the guy wanted more for them than I was willing to pay.

My favorite part of the market at this time of the year is the fresh produce.  We managed to spend a lot of our time and money in this section. Here are some of the things we had to pick from.....................

 I love it when we can have fresh veggies every night! 

 We probably won't be able to go to this market for another few weeks and we will miss it.  But are thankful there is a small farmers market near by.  Not as much choice but some good stuff still.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

Another Tuesday, another Tea Cup.

After you visit my site be sure to visit the others at

This week I am showing you the third teacup and saucer set I purchased at the flea market a few weeks ago.

It was manufactured by Taylor and Kent, manufacturers of porcelains at the Florence Works, Longton. England   from c1867 (to 1990's?)  I couldn't find much else out about them.

 Although it is a different flower from the pansies shown last week, it has a similar style of decorating.

Hope you like it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

During the Heat wave things are still happening

We have had a really slow moving week with all this heat that has hit but things are still going on, My doll house club was having a big display of many of our projects during Danville, PA's Iron Heritage Festival.  I helped out a bit on three different days.  I will do a post about that tomorrow. 

But first.............  yesterday, while my shop was open I noticed a lot of bird activity around the front door of the shop.  Apparently there was a bird nest up on the side of the shop where I have a huge wreath with the name of my shop. We hadn't been open in almost two weeks due to travel so didn't see the activity.  Well  yesterday must have been the day the parents kicked out the little birds.  I was standing at the open front door when suddenly a tiny bird flew into me.....  and then landed on the ground.   He hopped around and I quickly closed the door.  He flew up to land on the ledge of the front door's window panes.   Here are a couple of pictures of the bird looking through the door window.

A bit later my husband came out and saw what was happening.  I went out side and suddenly the bird landed on my shoulder so my husband picked him off carefully.  There next two pics are of him holding the bird.  After this he set the bird up on the awning next to the wreath and parents much have come along and encouraged the little guy to get going again.

Nature up close and personal!