Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bentley the Cat is greatly improved!!

Bentley is recovering surprisingly well.  He can't walk yet but he doesn't seem to be in pain anymore.... been off pain killer for 24 hours.....    He does all the necessary things though is a bit messy with the litter box.  Here are two pictures of him.  It is hard to believe that less than a week ago he was in such trouble and pain.

In the picture he is just "resting" in his little bed.  But if you look at his eyes you know he is plotting something to happen as soon as he can move properly again.
And in this second picture  he seems to be resting on his haunches.  He broke his pelvis and had fractures in his back legs so they "must" be healing.

To get to the litter box he still sort of pulls himself along though he tries to use his back legs but they won't let him.

We continue to be so thankful.  And a huge thanks to the folks at the Animal Emergency Veterinary Hospital.  Especially Dr. Haas.  We know he saved our kittie's life.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Reporting in on Stitch-a-long

It may take me forever to finish this project but I WILL do it!!

While we were traveling a couple of weeks ago I managed to get 5 more squares done and here are the results.

 And here is a book I just bought that really has helped me to do even more flowers and stitches.
 Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bible.  I bought it at Amazon.
 I hope to be inspired to get more done as soon as our house gets organized again with the Bentley "hospital" I now have to take care of.  And we have to unload from the antique show as well.  It never ends.  No big travel plans for awhile which is probably just as well.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bentley the Cat was the star of a drama here in the family.

My husband was off doing an antique show and our cat was not that thrilled.  I know he kept looking for him when ever he went outside..
Well, Friday night at 6:20 he ran out of the house on his "hunt" I think.  At 6:30 I heard a horrible screaming sound on the back porch.  It was Bentley.... I didn't know what at happened at the moment but realized he couldn't walk, only crawl.  He had apparently gotten hit by a car.... crawled back to the back porch and started screaming for me.  I got him into the house and called the Vet.  He sent me to the Vet Emergency Service and so the "fun" weekend began for all of us.  He stayed at the hospital two nights, had x-rays, was given a lot of pain killers and antibiotics and today we got the call we could come and get him..... he was resting comfortably, eating and generally doing all he could considering he couldn't walk.

So now we get to spend the next several weeks playing nurse maid.  We are so thankful he is doing so much better.
We made him up a little "room" on the shelf of the bay window in our kitchen.  He can't get out.  There is a litter box, a bed and some food.  He just needs to "understand" he will get better if he rests a lot
In the first picture you can see him in one of the beds in his new "room"  And he has on the collar he was given to wear.
  In the picture above he is looking out the window rather forlornly.  He much prefers outside.

And in this final picture he is in the other bed.  He has two choices, isn't he lucky.

Tonight we had fun giving him his medicine.  He took it very well though
We finally took off that collar.  It was driving him crazy and it wasn't really serving any purpose anymore.

I imagine it will get to a routine eventually.  Meanwhile though it will certainly keep us busy.

 My husband had my camera with him at the show so I couldn't get any pictures but now I can again so I hope to get back to the blogging on a more regular basis..... that sounds familiar.... probably said it before.