Monday, May 10, 2010

Bentley and Nature

Bentley is so improved that we are letting him walk around the house a bit during the day.  Yesterday he wanted to sit up in the kitchen window so he could look out and see all the stuff he was missing.
   Here he is looking out the window, sad that he is trapped inside.... like kids they don't always appreciate when we do something for their own good.
        Here is a little gold finch eating on the bag of niger seed.  Doesn't it look nice next to the beautiful petunias.
The wind had blown over top part of birdbath but the Blue Jay was still hopeful.
But after a lot of looking Bentley decided a nap would be better.

While he was sitting in the window I stayed close by working on a new project.  It is an interesting type of journal.  I will show pictures in the next day or so, after I get a bit farther along.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A day at the Flea and Farm Market

On days that are good we often head to Leesport, PA (on Wednesdays) to go to the big flea market and farmers market.  We discovered this market long before we moved to PA.  It might have been one of the reasons we decided to move here.

This week was a fairly typical day at the market.  We spent the first few hours looking at all the "junque" at the dealers "up on the hill"  as they call it.  And we managed to put a LOT of items in our van for resale in our shop.

Then I headed out to the Pavilions were they sell flowers, produce and all sorts of other goodies.

I have a new cell phone and it has a camera and I am just learning to use it.  Therefore the pics may not be all that great but you will certainly get the idea.

I took a few pictures to give you a flavor of the market.

First there are always livestock there.  They have a livestock auction later in the day.  Here are a couple of shots of the goats that were in a little pen right out on the walkway .  Behind them in another pen are cows but I thought these guys were so cute I had to take their pictures. Apparently the little fellow who is black, stayed in that back corner all the time.  I checked back a couple of times and he was still there.  The others liked to move around a bit.

After seeing these guys I went out to the produce area.  We were planning to buy some plants today so I started my look around.  Here are a couple of shots of some of the plants available.

This second picture was taken inside the pavilion area and the light seems a bit strange but adds to the shot I suppose.

Back in the other pavilion I stopped at one stall that sells lots of rustic looking yard art.  We have bought from her in the past but today I just enjoyed looking.  Here are a couple of pictures of the kinds of things she sells.  She always has them in cute little vignettes.

So that was a small part of our day at the Flea and Farm Market. We hope to get back again very soon.