Saturday, February 23, 2008

Darling Dotees

As I mentioned a few posts ago I have joined an online group called Swap Bot where there are all kinds of swaps in which to participate. Most, though not all, are artsy type swaps which is right up my alley.

The first swap I completed was one called "Shabby Chic Dotees." These are little dolls that someone created and now are all the rage on this list. In this swap the idea was to make a little "dotee" using the main idea of a body, face out of felt and "dress it" in the shabby chic style. Since my craft room is loaded with fabrics, vintage lace and trims this proved to be an easy task. And I really like doing it. Here is my very first but probably not last "dotee"

The lady who created dotees in the first place is Dot from Australia. Here is her blog

Since both my swappees have received their dotees from me I feel I can safely post it here now.

This little lady on the right is "Grammy Chic Dotee" from "Artful Artsy Amy." Isn't she cute?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Woody Woodpecker came by for a visit.

A couple of days ago there was a VERY loud pecking sound coming from our Maple Tree. It was a visit from a Pileated Woodpecker. What a beautiful bird. The bird is busy and "shy" so it is hard to get a picture. But this is what they look like. They are huge and the first time I saw one I was amazed and very curious to learn what kind of bird it was.

They don't come by very often but when they do they are a sight to behold. They are unlike any of the other kinds of woodpeckers that we see quite often at our birdfeeders such as the Red Headed, Hairy, Downey and others. They look, in person, more like the Woody Woodpecker" of cartoon fame than other woodpeckers I have seen.

The picture I am showing is one I found on the internet since the one in our tree would not hold still long enough for a decent picture. You can learn a lot more about the Pileated Woodpecker by clicking here.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A change of pace weekend

For the first time in a while I got out of my antique shop for the whole weekend and did an antique show at a nearby mall. It was not very well advertised but we still did amazingly well. Those "mall walkers" like to shop too I guess.
We had to set up for a couple of hours on Thursday night, then on Friday and Saturday we were there from 9-9 and on Sunday 12 to 5, and got to pack up again. That is a LOT of standing.
The mall itself is not a very active one but enough for us. The only real problems were that the bathroom was a LONG way from where we set up and the floors of the mall were hard. My feet were sore each evening.
I loved meeting all the people. Had some lovely chats. And it was fun to see people get excited with their purchases. One fellow couldn't wait to get home with his "new" old toaster and try it out. And a lady was thrilled to find a cup and saucer that matched a partial set she already had. And then there were the three ladies that were each trying to decide if they wanted to buy the table and chair set. Finally one just handed me the money and said... it is mine.
I am happy I can sell in my shop most of the time instead of a show but this was still a very nice and interesting change of pace.