Thursday, January 12, 2012


Decluttering is constantly in my thoughts these days.   This week I went through my fabric and made up a box to donate to a local church group that sews for their missions.  Then, since I am starting to clean out my studio to find space for my sewing machine I found lots of other things.  Also, as I clean each room I try to find something to go.

So here is my list: this week!
1. a panini maker, I gave it away.
2-4 The box of fabric which I will count as 3 although there were probably 50 pieces of fabric of various sizes.  This is the box.  I probably should have spread them out but the lady who was taking them was coming by so this is the pic I took quickly.

5. a favorite little watering can that had been repaired one too many times. (Trash)
6.  A printer I no longer use...  passing it on, on free cycle I think
7- 16 dolls I am posting on Ebay.  The first group are Hawaiian Souvenir Dolls.
 And this group are little dolls dressed in Polish Regional Costumes.

17. A spice holder that I bought to use for beads and obviously never will.  (off to Salvation Army)
18.  A plastic paper holder for a desk.  I don't have room for it so it is taking up space. (Off to Salvation Army)

So that is 18 this week....  Added to the 15 last week brings the total so far to 33.

Lets see now.....  366 minus 33 equals  333 to go.  AND it is only Jan. 12!  Sure hope I can keep it up.  I imagine it will slow down as time goes as but if the habit is made then it should be possible.

See you with another list next Thursday! I will be adding to it today as I organize another room.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Machine Embroidery will not get the best of me.,

My saga of trying to learn Machine Embroidery is moving along VERY SLOWLY.   The problem I seem to be having is with the tension and everything I have read indicates that is a very common problem.  I have been trying different things and so far it is getting a little better.  By that I mean I have actually completed two  designs, simple ones, that look good.  But there are the problem ones too.
This first picture shows part of a butterfly design and a heart design that was WRONG....  You can see the white thread.  That was the bottom thread showing, not the right one.  After some adjustments I was able to do the heart properly.... a red color.....  You can click on it to see better detail.

The second picture shows the Butterfly coming out properly.  I have a long road but with persistance I hope it will get better.

At the moment I have the machine on  my dining room table but with all the work I have been doing up in my studio I now have room to put it up where it belongs.  So that is my project today.  And by tomorrow I should be ready to try again......................

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday, second tuesday in January

Tea Cup Tuesday for the second Tuesday in 2012!

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ALSO: Rose Chintz Cottage

As I promised last Tea Cup Tuesday I will continue talking about some of the tea books I own.

Here is a beautiful book called Tea Time At the Inn, a Country Inn Cookbook by Gail Greco.  I have found several, now favorite recipes, in this book. Such as  Fruit Jewels and Carrot Walnut cake on page 40.  And there is a recipe for Whoopie Pie on p. 150.  Pennsylvania and Maine both claim to be the birthplace of the Whoopie pie.  But, which ever, it is an interesting treat. I have lived in both places and had them in each place.  I haven't figured out which is really better.


And the second book I am talking about about is called   Taking Tea by Andrea Israel.     Called the Essential Guide to Brewing Serving and Entertaining with Teas from Around the World.'
Once again it is loaded with recipes, also beautiful pictures and a lot of history.   And plenty of themed tea parties.  The recipe for  Lemon Curd Bars on p.66 is yummy.     I have also made them using Orange Curd. 
    It is available on Amazon but they didn't have a picture of the cover so I scanned it.  

 Here is the link for Amazon..................

I hope you enjoy hearing about these books.  I will be sure to have more next Tuesday.    And check my blog out on Thursday to see how I am doing on my major decluttering project!