Monday, October 6, 2014

Crafty Ways with teacup and tea pots

First today I will update my hand situation, I can type with both hands now.. sort of.  The fingers mostly work, but not the thumb cause it is immobilized.  So I will now be able to update these posts a bit before I post each one.

And I want to say thank you to all who sent me get well wishes.  I appreciate them all.  Obviously they are working.

 Fall weather has finally come and on Sunday I made my first pot of chili of the season.  And corn bread to go with.

As I continue on with my hand in a cast for the next few weeks...  I thought I would share some other ways to use tea cups.  If you ever had a favorite tea cup that suddenly developed a crack so you didn't want to use it any more... and you didn't feel right throwing it away.  Here are a couple of things I found at The Sussex New Brunswick flea market, back in August,  that give ideas for things to do with them.
 This first one was actually made with an unblemished tea cup, and a very pretty one at that. What a shame!!  But I couldn't resist taking the picture.  It is a little bowl turned upside down with the cup and saucer  Glued to the top.  And the whole thing was glued to a long stake that could go into the ground.  It could then serve as a little bird feeder.
I already have a similar one that someone gave me.... that is made of resin.  It is on a long metal stake and I keep in the garden just outside my office window.

The same person that made that teacup bird feeder that I have shown above also did some "hanging things."  I thought the teapot birdhouse was pretty cute though I don't think I would make one myself.  But it definitely gave me some ideas of things I could do with chipped teacups and teapots.

No tea pot or pitcher is safe....................

And I think this may have been an old tea tin.

AND If you still need ideas check out Pinterest.  It is full of pictures of ways to use them.

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