Monday, September 12, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

Time for Tea Cup Tuesday............

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Before I get into my tea cup Tuesday entry I want to mention what has been going on in my area the past few days.  We have just had Historic Highs Flooding in my town and many other towns along the Susquehanna River and its Tributaries here in Pennsylvania.  It also affected a LOT of towns in Southern New York as well. After all the problems from Irene the Red Cross and National Guard didn't need anything else to do but they are here in full force.
I wanted to say that my house is high and relatively dry.  The cellar took on water when the sump pump stopped working for a couple of hours.  There was a LOT of rain coming down here.  My husband and I have spent the last few days drying out everything we could save.  There is still a pile out front waiting for taking to a dumpster.  We are also extremely lucky because we have a well for our water.  The town water has been off since last Thursday I think.  And will be for another day or two.  
All that being said, here is a link you should be able to take to see pictures of the flooding in my immediate area... Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.  It is from the local newspaper, Press Enterprise.  This area often gets floods but this is the highest the waters have even gotten.  Not a pretty picture.
 But now back to the real purpose of this blog entry.

I collect a lot of tea cups but you really need to have sugar and creamer sets to have a real tea party.  Here are a couple of sets I saw at the flea market in New Brunswick.

This first one is a dainty looking set which you could use anytime, or save for St. Patrick's Day.
It reminds me of the Beleek china which also has the tiny clovers but this is a bit more sturdy than that one.

And another one features yellow roses, I have had the cup and saucers that go with it. But couldn't find any today to add to this.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the sugar and creamer sets.  Next week I will get back to cups and saucers.  I have a number of them I bought to add to my collection.  Can't wait to share them.