Thursday, September 16, 2010

A beautiful weather day can make you do interesting things..

Our day started early as we headed out to our favorite flea and farmers market.  Found quite a few goodies and some yummy produce as well.....

THEN.... we headed off to Hershey PA to attend the largest RV show in the USA.  Large it was.  I have no idea how many RVs were there but it was definite a sea of white roofs as we approached.  The show was held at the "Giant Center"  the place where the Hershey Bears hockey team plays as well as other events, including this one.

Because I had done my research before we went we knew just which area to go to first and almost immediately found the new camper I had found that I thought absolutely met out needs.

You see, we currently own a 13 ft little camper.   It has pretty much all we needed.  However, we were beginning to suffer from the "Three Foot Disease"..... meaning if we just had three more feet it would be perfect.

So we only looked at 16 and 17 foot campers.  We are somewhat limited as we do not drive a big truck, but instead have mini vans so the weight limit was lower.  AND to park it where we need to park it at home also meant it can't be too long or too heavy.

So after all the research I did I came up with one!!!  It is made by KZ-RV company and it is called the Sportsman Classic.  The word "classic" was added because it was made in  a retro style, with all the modern conveniences.  We spent time looking at other offerings in the show but kept coming back to this one.   My feet knew we did a lot of walking too.  Finally we made the big decision.  It is now ours.  We bought the one they had at the show because it was a very good deal!
Here is a picture of the one we bought.  For more info on it you can go to the KZ-RV website.  Ours is a 16BH, meaning it has two bunks.  And the dinette area turns in to a bed as well.   It has a real shower in the bath, something our other one did not. There is plenty of storage though we don't need all that much since we generally only take 3 or 4 day excursions. 

We will go to do final paper work next Monday and probably pick it up the following week.  In the meantime we have one more bluegrass festival to attend so our little Fun Finder (that is it's brand name) will go on its farewell tour with us.  Probably a little bittersweet cause it has been very good to us..... but we will be ready to enjoy the new one after that!

On the way home we ordered a pizza which arrived shortly after we got home, the end of a perfect day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday

 Here I am, once again at Teacup Tuesday.  Please be sure to visit the hosts blogs and
all the other people that are joining in on the fun showing off their tea cups.

This week I will show you a tea cup and a teapot featuring English Cottages.  
I love the English cottages and so it was natural that I was drawn to this teapot and teacup.

This set shows a thatched roof cottage.  The cup and saucer are bone china by Royal Vale.

The Tea Pot is not bone china, but porcelain.  It is made by Arthur Wood and Son.
I have a few other cottage cup and saucers.  I will show them another time.


I hope you have enjoyed this week's choices.