Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yummy Saturday Night Fare

Saturday night dinner at our house has always been a Barbequed steak dinner with potatoes and onion rings. Here is last nights dinner with a couple of changes in methods of cooking.

I like to cook and often look for new recipes Sometimes I stumble on one that is too good to pass up. I found this one indirectly. I was visiting one of my favorite altered art type blogs,
Aileen's Musings and enjoying some art when I came upon this recipe for making potatoes. They were called Crash Hot Potatoes. She had gotten it from another site so I followed the link over to that site. Pioneer Woman. Not only was this recipe there but lots of others that I must soon try.
These are the Crash Hot Potatoes I made. Be sure to check the Pioneer Woman's website for directions to make them. Click on link in the above paragraph.

I showed the picture to my husband and he said that looked like something he would like. Since Saturday night has always been steak night we are having steak with these potatoes along with my very special recipe for onion rings.

Here is the recipe for the Onion rings or really Onion clusters as we call them.

1 Cup flour
1/2 cup plus 1 Tablespoon Milk
2 beaten eggs
salt to taste (I often don't cook with salt but add afterwards as wanted)
1 large or two medium onions.

Slice the onions VERY thin, I use a Mandolin slicer. (I tried to find one on line like mine to show you but can't but if you google Mandolin Kitchen Slicer you can find similar)
The onions must be almost sliver thin to work right.

Mix up the batter, add the onions and coat thoroughly.

Heat oil to a high heat in a pan or use a deep fryer. I use canola oil.

Drop in, gently, little clusters of onions. Let brown on one side and turn over. Then take out and drain on a paper towel. At least that is the way I do it.
Here are the onions cooking in oil.

This is how they look individually.

And here is the final "pile" of last nights onion clusters

Go back to top of page to see the final result. The dinner was VERY good.