Monday, June 16, 2014

A salute to my pansies!

I have been enjoying the pansies in my garden.  We continue with not too terribly hot weather so they continue to thrive.  But I am sure the heat will be upon us soon and they will begin to fade.  Meanwhile though I shall enjoy them.  And today I went outside on my covered deck that we call the "pavilion" to enjoy a bit of tea with some of my pansy china.  And some nice banana bread I just made. 

                   These first pansies are the new "wave petunias" they just keep on coming during the cool weather.  BUT they like a lot of water.  The ones below are just the regular kind, bought in a flat of 12.  I have then in a couple of places.

If you are wondering about the glass "mushroom looking" thing on the edge of the picture, well that is what it is.  Maybe I will do a post about them soon.  I love to make art for my garden using glass plates and bowls!

Today's tea features a few of my pansy items.  I have been collecting them for many years so they are varied. 

I think this Elizabethan cup and saucer is so sweet and delicate looking.

This plate is hand painted.  The only mark on the back said "Nippon."

Isn't this little cream and sugar set adorable.  It almost looks like it might have come from a child's set it is such a small size.  But probably not.

Here is the link to the Banana Bread Recipe.  It is from one of my favorite cook books.... 
Beard on Bread  by James Beard.  I have used it for years and years.  Rather than just copy it out I found this link to his website with the recipe I use.  I should add here that I personally do not add the nuts but that is just personal taste.

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