Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some little quilting projects finally finished.

Last week I attended a class at my local quilt shop and FINALLY learned the really proper way to bind a quilt.  Now mind you I didn't take a big project to the class.  Just this small runner.  But I learned, it is done and I am happy with it.  The project itself took me in a lot of directions.  I saw one like this last summer when I was in Maine.  Someone had made a sample runner with a similar look and it was on display in the fabric dept.  of  Marden's department store in Brewer. Maine.  I loved the idea but they didn't have any patterns.  So I had to figure it out myself.

I did buy the fabric from Mardens to make it and once I got home I started my plan.  Here is the finished project and after you see that I will explain what I did.  Click on it to see it bigger.
 The original one had oak leaves that sort of left the edges so I decided to do the same thing.  I had to find a pattern so I went to google and found a picture which I enlarged and printed out to use as the pattern.
I decided to just machine applique them onto the base and did so using variegated threads to make it a bit more interesting.  I included the batting before I did the stitching so it was actually being quilted at the same time as I was appliquing.
 If you click on the picture to see the image better you will have an idea of what I did.  I used a different stitch to make the stems on the leaves and used a light brown so it would show up as a stem.
By doing this I also cut back on quilting I might need to do.

Finally I knew I needed to "fill up" some of the open spaces so decided to use a pattern for an acorn.  I printed that one out from Google Images as well.  And I found a decorative stitch that I think looked almost like the edge off an acorn would look.  So this is the result.  I am happy with it.

 And it is finished, bound and waiting for the fall to go on my dining room table,

In addition to that project, I also started and finished this little mat.  I had seen some place mats like it and I wanted to see two things.  1.  Could I make it  and 2.  Would I like them if I did in my own colors.
 I don't know why the colors look so different in the two pictures.  If you click on this close up one you can better see the little stitches I did.  They serve as quilting but also are nicely decorative I think.
I decided to use some fabric I already had and figured out how to make my own pattern.  Finally after sewing together all the parts I looked through my stitches and found one that I thought would look good.  So here is the end result.  I don't think I will make anymore but I am glad I tried it.  And our phone now has a mat to sit on.

Well, not to just sit back and rest I am now working on a couple more projects I hope to be able to show
you in the next few weeks.  More table runners....  I like them because they aren't such a big project and they are also easier to quilt.

Be sure to come back to visit next Tuesday for Tea Cup Tuesday.  Not sure what I will have to show you yet.  But I have a lot to choose from so it should be good.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday, first in May

Suddenly it is May.  Time for all the flowers that are supposed to follow after April Showers.  I have planted some pansies to start.  Hope to be able to put out more in the next couple of weeks.

This week I am going to share with you a set of dishes I recently obtained to sell in my shop.  I personally think they are stunning.  And with the color Purple, the transfer ware is not your run of the mill.  Usually you see blue, sometimes green or brown or red but not often Purple.

This set is called Charlotte and is by Royal Staffordshire.   

I have had a hard time learning the full tie in with Clarise Cliff and the Staffordshire China.
I did learn that The Royal Staffordshire Charlotte pattern was designed by Clarice Cliff, from an  engraving produced from original drawings by J. Gotts designer ca 1830.

Clarise Cliff seems to be far more known for her pottery from the 1920s and 30s.  If you want to learn more about that part of her work you can learn more at the Clarise Cliff Collectors Club...   It tells about her more unconventional work of the Art Deco period.  I think that after looking at that work it explains a bit of my confusion on this design.
 I knew of her designs of that type before I found this set.

But no matter.  It is a beautiful set. 


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