Monday, October 29, 2012

Final Tea Cup Tuesday of October 2012

For those of you checking on how I am doing, I thank you....  we fared just fine in the storm.  A lot of noisy wind all night.  Lots of branches down and a few trees down up in our woods.  We feel so lucky to have kept our power.  I am praying for all my friends that they are ok as well!  This was not a fun event and so many lost so much. Please keep those other folks in mind!

       This week I decided to do something a bit different.  And I am creating this page early.  It will post Monday afternoon because of Hurricane Sandy.
     I went out into my shop today (Saturday) and found a few tea party items I thought might go well together.  
    I like the idea that they are all have soft pink flower for their decoration.  Also they aren't my usual showing.  They are not bone china.  Instead today I have chosen some porcelain types, from Austria and Bavaria.  I hope you enjoy seeing them.
 The sugar and creamer and the interesting serving plate have no marks at all but I am pretty sure they are from the similar area of the place and cup and saucer in the back.

The plate is from Austria according to its mark but I wouldn't find a name of the pattern.  It is actually  from a set of dishes I have in my shop.

And here is the mark for the plate. 

 Here is a close up of the cup and saucer I chose.  It does have a pattern name, Rosedale and is from Bavaria.  It also is a part of a set of china I have in the shop.  Even though they aren't from the same set I think they go together nicely.
 And here is the mark.
 I hope you enjoyed my selections today.

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