Monday, January 28, 2013

A Blue Teaparty

Invitation to a Blue Tea party

I was wandering around my antique shop the other day trying to find something special for this week's Tea Cup Tuesday when I came across this lovely tea cup and saucer by Standard China Company.  I especially liked it because of pretty little blue flowers handpainted on it.
                            From what I can learn while traveling around the internet ...........
 "Standard China" was one of the trademarks used on English china made by a pottery company called Chapmans Longton Ltd. This company was among the famous Staffordshire pottery companies, and based at Albert Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. Longton was a center of pottery making from the mid-1700s.


I looked further and found this little book that just seems to need to be with it in a little teaparty setting.

And   looking further I found this very vintage postcard.

I imagined the whole setting, on a tray, just waiting for the tea to arrive so the owner could sit down, read the card, no doubt best wishes from a friend, and enjoy reading the little book while sipping the tea.

What do you think?

So join me for a cup of tea today and then visit the other tea parties that are taking place today.
 Here is the list of other tea parties in which I am taking part. 

                                                              Rose Chintz Cottage


Folk Magazine Blog Challenge #4

If it is Monday it is time to do the Folk Magazine Blogging Challenge.....

FOLK Magazine

According to their website this week's challenge is


This is a bit hard to narrow down to just one thing.  At this time of year , when winter is heavily upon us I could easily say I am looking forward to spring.  However, I don't want my life passing by too quickly so I shouldn't say that.  And I don't really mind winter weather that much.  Good excuse to stay inside and do my quilting or reading or other indoor activities.
We have several trips planned and I look forward to them.  But since I am not really ready for them I can't say that. I can still just savor plans we are making.
I will say I am probably looking forward to the weather being a bit better so we can head out to some flea markets.  They are one of my husband's and my favorite activity together.  We managed to get to an indoor one this past weekend but have to say they are NOT the same thing!  A day out tramping through fields, searching out bargains, and generally enjoying each others company is definitely something to I can look forward to....  (even if means leaving a preposition at the end of sentence!)
Oh look, I didn't leave it at the end since I added the parenthetical statement...  LOL.

This is majorly off the topic but  I have always wondered about the statement that you should not leave a preposition at the end of a sentence.  Sometimes, when you try not to do that it sounds so stilted I think.  So I decided to see what I could find on the web about this  and here is a great little treatise on the subject.
Ending a sentence with a preposition.
Do they even teach this stuff in school anymore? I am sure if you are sending out tweets and text messages you don't worry about it.  But what if you are in ordinary conversation, do you have to rephrase a sentence to make it work properly.  Or just go with it....

So.... what do you think????