Monday, September 29, 2014

Our favorite flea market.

      On Monday Sept. 29 I had to have  hand surgery and so for the next few weeks my blog will be a bit different.  I am actually writing these posts prior to the surgery.  I will have my right hand in a cast for 6 weeks and really don't know how I will do without the use of my dominant hand so I am just doing this in preparation.  I will attempt to add little notes just prior to posting each  time, to keep you updated.

       Last Wednesday we made a trip to our favorite flea market in  Leesport, Pennsylvania.    As always we are able to find lots and lots of good stuff.  This visit was no exception.  I should also add that the weather was absolutely beautiful... warming up nicely into the mid 70s so we were able  enjoy a relaxing and comfortable walk about.

I saw several  tea things and the ones I bought I will show now but feature in later posts.  I also found a couple of things I didn't purchase as is often the case.

These are the pictures taken at the vendors stands.  When I feature them I will do a lot better at the photography.  This first little violet tea set also features a creamer.  I found it in another part of the table after I took this picture.  I bought the set.

 And the price was so good on these three tea cups I had to buy them too!!!!

I didn't buy this Old Country Roses tea set because the person that was selling it was off somewhere and never came back the several times I checked.  So I gave up on it.  I have an awful lot of OCR anyway.  But this child's set was pretty cute.

And finally I saw this cottage tea pot.  As I already have one didn't think I needed another!!!

Because it is fall................ there were lots of pumpkins and other decor but my favorite this time was the gourds.  There were baskets full of them.  Here are three assortments I found.

 I like to decorate with them so bought several of different sizes.

And finally I wanted to show this one vendors stand..... Not because of what she was selling but because I loved the background.  Backing up to the cornfield really seemed appropriate this time of year.

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