Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Acupuncture and violin strings

Today was an interesting day..... It began by going for an acupuncture treatment for my arthritic hands. Can't say how it is so far, after only one treatment. But I have great confidence.

Then in the afternoon I had my violin lesson. Someday I may be ready to play in public. I am doing a lot better now that I figured out how to read music. After piano lessons as a child I learned to read music the way a piano is set up. A violin is very different..... but was happy that I finally figured it out. It was really like the light came on.

Now I just have to figure out how to keep the bow on the proper string and prevent the screechs.

And now I am hopeful that the acupuncture will help me get better on the violin.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Colorful Family Weekend

It was a wonderful holiday weekend for us. The weather was terrific, cool in the evenings, warm in the day time and autumn foliage was at its peak everywhere we went.
This weekend was the family gathering and celebration for daughter's marriage and open house at her new home. We drove up I-81 to Syracuse for the event. What a colorful ride, the fall colors were everywhere so the three plus hour drive gave us a nice fall foliage tour.
It was like a family reunion with my sister and husband, both our children, several grandkids and my husbands sister, husband and her granddaughter. Talking was constant. Food was marvelous and continually consumed and we were able to watch a Red Sox game (even if they did lose). I was so glad to meet so many of our daughters friends including a couple whose blogs I read often.
And to top if off we were able to go to the Syracuse Regional Market on Sunday morning and find some great items. Love, that place.
We were sorry to leave but have wonderful memories. So glad everyone could get there.

And the ride home was another fall foliage tour.... NOT BAD