Monday, September 6, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday

This has been a fast week.  Suddenly we are back at Tea Cup Tuesday.

 Tea Cup Tuesday
This week I am sharing with you a teacup that features Lily of the Valley.   
 The cup and saucer is a Royal Dover.  Bone China from England.  I know, not a Royal Albert.
  But I do like other types as well.
This one has special meaning because it was one of the favorite flowers of my Mother in Law.  She is no longer with us.  But when I see Lily of The Valley or Violets growing in the spring I always think of her.

I remember when the kids were little and we would visit her, they would go out into the field in front of her house and pick wildflowers for her.  They would occasionally find Lily of the Valley and Violets.  The two flowers also grow at the graveyard where she is buried.  Too bad they only bloom for a short time each year.
 Lily of the Valley and Violets are two of my favorite spring flowers as well.  I have them growing almost wild here in my yard in the spring.  What a treat it is.