Friday, October 22, 2010

With the cats, you never know (6 word Saturday)

The cats have been providing opportunity for me to pull out the camera again.  In our kitchen we have a stool that is a place to place jackets and hats when we come in from outside.  Over the years our cat Tuffy has enjoyed sitting on top of the jackets and pretty much claimed it as her own..  We recently decided we had enough of cat hair on jackets so.....  we put a piece of fabric on the stool, thinking she would like that and we would finally hang up our jackets when we get home.

WELL, she does like the new fabric on the stool  BUT so does her sister Spooky.  So now they share it.  Spooky NEVER got up on it before.  Now she loves it.   Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,

Hey what are you doing here spooky?
I think I like it here says Spooky.
 Well they finally figure out that they can both sleep on the stool.......................

Up Date Friday

For the foreseeable future I will be showing my progress on my miniature bookshop on Fridays. I will also try to update other things that I may have mentions and not followed up on.  Maybe.........

Today I opened the box of parts for my new miniature bookshop.  AND I started to put it together.

      I stopped though, after putting up the floor, back and side walls.  I am now debating whether to put on the top (roof) right away.  I think it would be too hard to decorate with it on so am thinking I should hold off.  Meanwhile I have started gathering up items for the shop.

Here are a couple chairs I have found and a table I may decorate to use as well.  I am waiting for the arrival of the bookcases I have ordered and a few books as well.  AND I hope to get to make some of my own as well.  You are welcome to leave any comments.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have often thought it would be fun to own a bookstore

So now I shall.  Albeit in miniature.

I know, lately I have spent a lot of time talking about tea cups, dolls, outdoors and campers.  But as the weather cools off it is time to get back to making miniatures.

My local Miniature club is taking on a rather large project  for the new year.  We will be making a mall and apartment house complex.  Each member is making up a room box in some sort of shop or apartment.  Loving bookstores as I do I have decided that I will turn my room box into just such a store.  But not just any book store.  I want to make it with an EDGE.  Perhaps steampunk, or at least industrial looking.

At this point it is merely in the planning stage.

I know I have to obtain a LOT of books.  I have ordered some and will make a lot more.  I had a lesson once on making mini books from old leather books.  Hope I still remember how.

Anyone with suggestions on how or what I should include let me know in the comments.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday #9

I finally decided to count how many "Tea Cup Tuesdays" I have participated in.   This makes the 9th time.
Today I am doing something a bit different than I have done in the past.  

I am showing a full Tea Set that I have for sale out in my shop.  I like it a lot because of the size and colors.

It was made in japan.  It included 8 cup and saucer sets, a sugar and a creamer as well as the teapot.  The cups are a bit smaller than normal but so pretty and they seem daintier than the usual size tea cup and saucer.

I hope you enjoyed my selection for today.

Monday, October 18, 2010

End of an Era

"Goodbye Fun Finder"

      Yesterday we said goodbye to our little camper called the Fun Finder.  We sold it and are now ready to enjoy our bigger one. It was sort of bitter sweet to see it go.  We have wonderful memories of the little Fun Finder.  We attended 4 Nascar races, many Blue Grass festivals and a couple of just plain camping outings.

But now it is time to enjoy our new camper.  The little camper was good but we always we felt like we needed a couple more feet.... so now we do.  Three more to be exact.  We won't have to give up the dinette every night for a bed!  And the bathroom is bigger.

The new camper weighs very little more than the old  one so we can still tow it easily with our mini-vans.
That is good cause we don't need a truck but in our antique business we do need the mini-vans.

I hope to have lots of adventures to report with the new camper.  Stay tuned................

And check back tomorrow for Tea Cup Tuesday!