Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day... almost a week early

                           Happy St. Patrick's Day.

     And Happy Tea Cup Tuesday.  This week  I am showing you a Chocolate Set I inherited from my grandmother.  It is obviously not a "tea set" but I thought it was appropriate since it features little shamrocks as the main trim.  And I suppose  it could be used for tea.  And since the cups are smaller than regular tea cups they could even be used for demi-tasse for coffee.  But what ever I use them for I truly enjoy them!


Back in my grandmother's day they often served chocolate when entertaining their friends.  This particular set is Limoges and was sold by a store in Scranton, PA which was near where my great grandmother lived before her sussequent move to Virgina.  I think therefore it might have been my great grandmothers before my grandmother's.  Or maybe a family member sent it to her.  Unfortunately I don't have anyone to ask.

Here is the mark where I learned about the store where it was sold............
  The green platter I am using under the set is a part of my own set of dishes (Riviera by Home Laughlin)  I have acquired a complete set of Riviera over the years.  They were made at about the same time that Fiesta was produced and by the same manufacturer.  As was typical of that time they often made different patterns to be sold at different stores such as Woolworth's, Grants or McCrory's.

Here is a close-up of the lid.

  Although  the chocolate set and the Riviera Platter are from my own collection, the cards and hankies are from my shop.  They are going to be used in a holiday display in my antique shop.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my chocolate set.  And that you will visit the other tea parties I am joining today and tomorrow.

                                             Rose Chintz Cottage