Friday, November 13, 2015

More quilt projects!!

The Quilts keep coming..............

 AND so do the fall leaves. My husband is cleaning them up a fast as he can. This is the second load he has raked to the road.  And will probably have one more in a week or so.   Yes, all that is showing is from our yard.... Our township comes around with a truck that sucks them up and takes them to a recycling area to make mulch every week or so.
And here is that truck doing its thing.

  They keep falling and falling.......  There are still a couple of trees full of leaves.  Hope they are finished by Thanksgiving.    We can't leave them on the ground as some might suggest.  We have so many trees the ground would be thickly covered and the grass would die. We live on the edge of a woods and there are plenty of leaves there for the wild critters we see here....  The deer, BEAR, raccoons, wild turkeys, and on and on.......

This past Saturday I completed the third class of a Machine Quilting class.  I hope during the next year to learn a lot more.  They just say it is practice, practice, practice.  I don't expect to ever to do full quilts.  Don't have the set up for that but certainly can do runners, table toppers and such which are what I seem to do more of these days anyway.

Up to now my machine quilting has consisted of "stitch in the ditch" and cross hatch.  I tried some stippling and it will take a lot of practice.  As time goes on I hope to show you some of things I accomplish.  But just don't hold your breath... LOL

Here are a couple more recently finished projects.

This week I am showing two season runners.  I finally got them quilt and bound even though started quite a while ago.  The first would for the fall season and the pattern was called Autumn Spice.  It is from the September 2001 issue of McCall's Quilting Quick Quilts.  I started it back then and put it away.  The original pattern has some flowers and vines around the edge.  Perhaps I will someday add them but I wanted this done so here is it.  It is bound with the dark green.

   For this one I  used the "stitch in the ditch" method of quilting.   If you want to know what that is and how to do it here is a tutorial............... I imagine You Tube has lots of videos too.

How to "Stitch in the Ditch"

This next runner was  made using a pattern I found on line.  I like the colors for Christmas time but you could use it other times as well.  It was also quilted using "stitch in the ditch."  I found this quilt pattern on Quilting Bug.             I know I found it quite awhile ago and this might not have been the site where it was located. According to the pattern this was done as a charity fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis.  But when I checked this time and clicked on the link I couldn't find any current info.  
For the final quilting on this one I also used Stitch in the Ditch.  It will be so nice to get beyond that one of these days soon.

So that is my sharing for this week.  I hope I may have inspired some of you to take your UFOs out and finish them.  It feels so good to have them done!!!

Come back next week for MORE.

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And check back next week  to see more of my recent quilt finishes. 

I do appreciate your comments.  Thanks so much for caring to do so.