Monday, May 2, 2016

A simple tea party for one

I am not ready to head out to the garden just yet as it has been raining off and on for the past two weeks  and promises to do the same this coming week.  But today's tea would be very good for tea outside IF I could go there without getting wet.... LOL
Here is a picture I took this morning of one of my flower beds, it desperately needs tending to, (weeding) but must wait until the rain and drizzle stops. I am a bit embarrassed to show it but I hope it explains my dilemma.

So I am having just a simple tea today....................
My tea party today is made up of things that you could put on a tray and take anywhere.  Out on the deck, out in the yard or just onto the dining room table.  To me it doesn't matter "where" you have tea. Just that you have it!

Sometimes it is nice to just have a simple tea, with a few tiny cupcakes to add some sweetness.

Today I have chosen a Royal Albert flower Cup and Saucer.  Don't know the name but it is so pretty.

And here is the mark

Next I used this pretty Paragon plate to hold the dainty little cupcakes....
 and the mark.....
To add to the tea table I have added this tea bag holder
 And some Earl Gray Tea........ Always my favorite...........

And I found this cute little trinket holder to add to the fun.  Although she was made to hold trinkets I don't see why she couldn't have a bit of sugar since this is really just a tea for one..........

Thanks for joining me for tea today and hope you visit all the other Tea Time blogs as well.

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