Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Day After

Hope you all had a great day yesterday..... we certainly did. I took lots of pictures but my daughter combined her pics and mine and did a very nice blog entry about the day so I won't do it too. But be sure to check hers out

The Hayden House

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Marie in a box

I decided to combine my enjoyment of Marie Antoinette style and my latest Artist Class Project.
This series of artist classes has come to an end though I am still working on my projects and will probably finish them all at about the time the next set begins. I believe they will start up again in Jan. or Feb.
In my artist class, one of the projects was a lined box. I did not do mine exactly the same because I found a box I liked and lined it, instead of making the box first. The insides of the box are crinkled silk I found on eBay. And the picture of the lady with the teapot is from Sandra Evertson, offered in a Romantic Homes issue back in 2008. I don't have the exact date as I had ripped the picture out of the magazine and to save for a future project. There was a copyright date of 2008 on the picture.
Next I decided to put a picture of Marie on the front. The picture was from a magazine called MARIE.. inspired mixed media art, published by Stampington and Company. The picture was one that Lonnie Bullington has created using paper tole....( that is a whole different subject.) I next invaded the box where I store all my interesting trims, ribbons and lace. I found this tassel trim and knew it was perfect. The trim seems to get caught under the lid a bit so didn't photograph as well as I would have liked but here it is.
I now plan to fill the box with other Marie type art that I created like jewelry, ATCs and who knows what else. Fun is often every bit of much in the planning as in the doing.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mini Monday

Not a whole not of news on the mini front this week but did a couple of things.

I found a tapestry to add to one of the walls in my 1/12 doll house. Found it at my local mini shop... The Wee Home Shoppe. The lady that runs the shop, Ann Carol Malcolm, is a great help when you are looking for something special. I got the rugs that are on the floor of this living room from her shop as well.

Our local mini club had a meeting last Sunday and we made tiny little gingerbread houses using fimo. It is tricky to work with it this small. vHere are three pictures of it as I finished it. It would fit nicely on the coffee table in my 1/12 house. Maybe I will put it there for Christmas. The house is barely an inch tall.