Monday, December 17, 2012

Third Tea Cup Tuesday in December

 Christmas is approaching!  Hope you are all getting ready.  I seem to be perpetually behind.

But I did find a pretty tea cup and saucer to feature today.
It is by Royal Stafford, one I don't see too often.
 This one has a pretty flower inside.  Interestingly enough there isn't really any decoration on the outside of the tea cup.

I am showing it on my dining room table with the Christmas centerpiece.
Also you can see a pin cushion I recently made (from a pattern in the latest Create and Decorate magazine.)  I enjoy making things like this out of felt and using embroidery.
I also made the napkin. (actually I made 8 of them but am only showing the one.
 Here is the mark.  Evidently this company has been around a long time.

And to end this blog note today I am showing a picture of some of my primitive snowmen.  They do add to the festivities I think.  I have more too in other areas of the house.

Thanks for visiting today. And be sure to come back next week.  I know it is Christmas but I will try to put together a Christmas tea scene.  I have been taking pictures here and there of things I own.
Hope you will stop by.
And after you finish up your visit here be sure to check out the other tea parties in which I am taking part.
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